» »Seven Wonder Places Of India - Sundarbans mangroves in West Bengal

Seven Wonder Places Of India - Sundarbans mangroves in West Bengal

By Vineeth Mohan

Being the largest single block of halophytic mangrove forest in the world, Sunderbans mangroves in West Bengal is a wonder in itself. Lying on the delta of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers , Sundarbans cover 10,000 square kilometers approximately ,most of which is in Bangladesh. One of the UNESCO's World Heritage Site, the region is covered by mangrove forests and is the largest reserve for the Royal Bengal tigrs. Let's take a tour through this one among the Seven Wonder Places of India!

Seven Wonder Places Of India - Sundarbans mangroves in West Bengal


The Sundarbans mangroves!

The Sundarbans National Park is a National Park, Tiger Reserve and a Biosphere reserve as well. Sundarbans means "beautiful forests". But the name could also be because of the large number of Sundari trees that grow here in the salty coastal waters. Tidal waterways , mudflats and small islands of salt tolerant mangrove forests present an excellent example of ecological structure.

Seven Wonder Places Of India - Sundarbans mangroves in West Bengal

Dibyendu Ash

If you love travelling through dense forests in midst of wild animals and even wilder nature, this is the place where you need to be. Sundarbans is the largest tangle of mangrove wetland and has one of the world's widest , deepest and most tectonically active deltas.

Sundarbans is a cluster of 54 tiny islands. As you perforate into the forests, the serene environment unfolds its enigmatic beauty. During the summer, the petals of the Genwa bejewel flower blossoms over the Emerald islands. This dense evergreen delta forests is also home to the majestic and fiery Royal Bengal Tigers.


Bri Vos

The Sundarban provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat . It is rich in its share of flora and fauna. It also has a wide variety of reptiles ranging from poisonous and vicious snakes to wimpy chameleons and salamanders to beastly crocodiles. If you are a sucker for pristine nature, the sight of crocodiles basking on the banks would surely blow you away!

This is a photographer's paradise. Who would not want to capture the majesticity of Royal Bengal Tiger? The forests are the hub of various migratory birds such as Siberian cranes and Eurasian golden oriole. The ideal time to experience the mystic serene of this wonderful deltaic region is between the months of September to March.

How to reach : Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport at Kolkata is only a 3 hour drive away from Sundarbans. Local trains regularly ply between Canning and Sealdah. By road, Sundarbans is 110 km away from Kolkata.

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