» »A Day With Elephants: Sakrebailu Elephant Camp In Shimoga

A Day With Elephants: Sakrebailu Elephant Camp In Shimoga

By Akshatha Vinayak

The importance that elephants hold in the history of India is huge. Most history and mythological texts describe the participation of elephants in wars and also as a divine presence. Hence, there is always a special aura concerning the elephants. That too, in South India, elephants are still an integral part of the culture and traditions. We often get to see them in temples as they represent divinity and people also line up to seek blessings from these temple elephants.

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Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

PC: Arun Prabhu

Therefore, we can also find several elephant camps in South India. The Sakrebailu Elephant Camp in Shimoga is one among them. It is a camp where captive elephants are tamed and nurtured.

Location Of Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is situated on Shimoga - Thirthahalli Road, around 14 km from the city of Shimoga in Karnataka.

Interesting Things To Know About Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Here are some interesting things you would want to know about Sakrebailu Elephant Camp.
Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is located on the banks of River Tunga (mainly backwaters). So, the tourists can also see the elephants given bath by the mahouts (elephant trainers) and also take part in this activity.

On a regular basis elephants are fed with special food prepared by the mahouts. Later, elephants are bathed and are left to roam around in the forest. These elephants go to the forest and return only the next day morning.

A visit to Sakrebailu will also be an educative experience as you get to see and understand the lifestyle of elephants from a closer distance. It will definitely be a knowledgeable experience for the kids.

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Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

PC: Pradeep Shankar

Visitors are also allowed to feed the elephants (only the food prepared by mahouts in the camp).

Photography is permitted inside Sakrebailu but please do not use flash photography as it might agitate the animals. Make sure you don't disturb the elephants while you are taking pictures.

Sakrebailu is located in the forest regions, so one gets to enjoy the tranquil nature along with observing the life of the elephants.


Please do not pollute the place by throwing plastic and other garbage. Keep the vicinity clean by using the dustbins.

Visitors are only allowed to feed the food which is prepared by the mahouts. So, don't try to feed outside food to the elephants.

Even though you are allowed to see the elephants from close proximity, please keep a safe distance. Keep an eye on children and make sure they don't go too near the elephants without supervision.
Please follow all the instructions given by the trainers to avoid any mishap.

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

PC: Hari Prasad Nadig

Best Time To Visit Sakrebailu

Sakrebailu is a year-round destination. . The visitors are allowed only from 8.30 AM to 11 AM.

How To Reach Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Sakrebailu is around 14 km from Shimoga. The visitors should first reach Shimoga and then take a private transport to this place.

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No doubt, Sakrebailu is one of the top elephant camps in India. This will surely be a place of delight for the kids and elder ones alike.

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