» »Safety Tips for Air Travel with Grandparents

Safety Tips for Air Travel with Grandparents

Travelling has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether it is for a personal reason or professional, we keep travelling short and long distance on our requirement. When these trips are with your grandparents, it becomes challenging as the responsibility also increases. Let's look into a few things that you can take care of to make sure that you have a safe journey wherever you go.

Make Early Reservations

Make sure the ticket reservations are done quite in advance so that there is no reason to worry as the travelling date approaches. All the documents needed for the travel also should be handed over to the grandparents and made sure that they carry it to the airport.

Air Travel with Grandparents

Choose Non-Stop Flights

Unlike the younger generation, our grandparents find it difficult to board and de-board different flights in a single trip. Make sure non-stop flights are booked so that they are comfortable once they board the plane. If non-stop flights are not available from the closest airport, there is no harm in boarding a flight from the next nearest airport to make your grandparents feel easy.

Travel Companion

Not all of us live with our grandparents. Many a times we invite our grandparents to come stay with us for a vacation. If they are travelling alone, make sure you arrange for a travel companion who can assist them during their air journey.

Light Luggage

While packing clothes for the elderly in the family, it is better to make the luggage light with just the necessary items needed for them during the vacation. Warm and light clothes, skin care products, books and other necessary items can be included to make them feel comfortable.

Medicines and Other Documents

Even if you forget to pack their favourite book, it's still fine. The medicines that they regularly take, the details of their last medical check-up and other documents related to their recent medical history should also be taken to ensure that the journey is safe for the elderly.

For First-Timers

If your grandparents are travelling by air for the first time, they should be given awareness about a flight journey and the procedures involved in the airport, etc. without creating a fear in them. This is to make sure they act sensibly and without panic throughout the trip.

Keeping these points in mind, you can plan a trip for your grandparents and be sure that they enjoy the journey as much as you do!

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