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Reasons Why Bongaigaon In Assam Must Be On Your Bucket List

If you have never heard of Bongaigaon, then let us tell you that it is the industrial and commercial hub of Assam; hence, it provides its visitors with all kinds of modern amenities. However, if you think it has been confined to commercialisation and has nothing do with tourism, then you are certainly wrong. You really need to correct yourself and plan a tour of this industrial city, which is in actual, home to several natural as well as historical sites.

Bongaigaon is one of the few commercial centres in India which boast of their age-old culture, historic sites and natural marvels. Hence, in short, it can also be called a complete package. Wouldn't you love to unveil its beauty? If yes, then read on to know more about Bongaigaon in Assam and why it should be on the bucket list.

1. Learn About The History Of Assam

With its history dating back to the period of the Bijni Kingdom in the Medieval Era of India, Bongaigaon is one of the foremost settlements in Assam. Hence, it is home to several historical monuments and archaeological sites today, which narrate the legends of its survival and formation, thereby, defining the history of Assam.

Wouldn't love to know about the bygone era of this beautiful state? If yes, then you should visit Bongaigaon this season. The major places of historical and archaeological importance here include Jogighopa, Pancharatna, Sri Surjya Pahar and Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple.

2. Detox Your Mind, Body And Soul

Unless you are on an expedition of exploring only ancient beauties and possess complete dedication towards your work, you would love to witness the beauty of nature in order to detox your mind, body and soul. We all tend to plan a trip to a natural place when we are seeking peace and seclusion in life.

Well, Bongaigaon is all set to relive your nerves and provide you with a comfortable atmosphere. On account of the presence of lush green surroundings and a pleasant weather, it is a perfect place to spend your vacation amid retirement and serenity.

As this industrial city is least-visited by common tourists, you can enjoy its natural beauty to the fullest. The major places to soothe your nerves here include the secluded paradise of Abhayapuri. So, what do you think about a tour of this industrial city and its wondrous expanse?

3. Get Spiritual And Savour The Beauty Of Divinity

If you are one amongst those travellers who look forward to gaining every kind of experience, then Bongaigaon is again here to provide you with an everlasting experience. With the presence of several highly revered temples and religious sites, Bongaigaon offers you an atmosphere where you can get spiritual and savour the beauty of divinity.

Characterised by a peaceful ambience and green surroundings, these religious sites are also perfect places for meditation and introspection. Do you still remember when was the last time you went spiritual and introspected your personality?

If not, then get yourself to this beautiful city which welcomes every tourist with its wide open arms. The prominent places of religious and spiritual significance here include Bagheswari Temple, Raghunath Temple and Gauri Math Mandir.

4. Spot Rare Species Of Plants And Animals

Bongaigaon In Assam

PC- Chandrashekhar

Well, this is one thing in Bongaigaon which has been attracting photographers, nature lovers and picnickers from all over the state. Yes, Bongaigaon is home to several national parks and beautiful gardens where you can spot hundreds of species of rare and endangered plants, animals and avifauna. The list includes Manas National Park, Kakoijana Reserve Forest and Koyakujia Bil which is known for its small yet beautiful islands, charming gardens and diverse flora and fauna.

5. Laze By River Beaches And Trek Up The Hills

A trip is all meant to provide us with everlasting memories and no memory can be perennial unless you have enjoyed it to the fullest while lazing around and sitting. Bongaigaon is one place which can certainly provide you with everlasting memories on account of the presence of beautiful streams, mesmerising gardens and towering hills.

You can enjoy trekking up its Nakkati Hill and Bagheswari Hill on one hand and lazing around the beaches of Aai river on the other hand. You can also visit Roumari Dam and Bongaigaon City Garden and go boating and swimming in its pools. Isn't it a beautiful place every traveller should explore?

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