» »The City of Ruins, Hisar

The City of Ruins, Hisar

One of the places to visit in Haryana is the city of Hisar, that is known for its many ruins. The city that is famous for its steel industry has many ruins in and around the region. Tourists come here to explore the ruins that date back to the times when Marathas ruled over the region.

There are a few place to visit in Hisar such as the Agroha Dham, Barsi Gate, Firoz Shah Tughlaq's palace and more. Tourists coming here can explore and marvel at these wonders that once stood majestically. Here is a small travel guide to the tourist places to visit in Hisar.

Agroha Dham

One of the places to visit in Hisar is the Agroha Dham, which is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. You will also find the idol of Goddess Saraswati here. There is a big pond here called Shakti Sarovar, and the unique feature of this pond is that it contains water from 41 holy rivers in India. Devotees come from far and wide to pray to the Goddess here and also take a dip in this holy pond. There is a belief that those who bathe in this pond are cleansed of all sins. Tourists coming here can explore this ancient temple and marvel at the beauty of its architecture. You can also take a stroll on the banks of the pond.

Archit Ratan

Firoz Shah Palace

A major tourist place in Hisar is the Firoz Shah Palace, which was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. The palace was located inside a walled fortress which now lie in ruins. There is a mosque inside the palace called Lat ki Masjid where the royal family offered their prayers. Tourists visiting Hisar should make it a point to visit this place and explore the beauty of this palace. Though much of it lie in ruins, it still holds the grandeur of its hey days.


Barsi Gate

Another place to visit in Hisar is the Barsi Gate that lies south of the Hansi Fort. This imperial gate is believed to have been constructed during the reign of Prithviraj Chauhan. The gate was built to welcome the King and his army after their success in battles. The gate has a Persian inscription on it which adds to its grandeur. Although it was partially damaged in the battle between the Marathas and the British troops, the gate was repaired and is now taken care of by the Haryana Government. Tourists coming here will be amazed by the splendour of this huge gate that throws light into its magnificent past.

Places to Visit in Hisar, Haryana

Hisar Tourism

St. Thomas Church

Another tourist place in Hisar is the St. Thomas Church constructed in the early part of 1864. This church is dedicated to Saint Thomas who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Devotees coming here offer the saint bread and candles. It is believed that the saint had taught that the biggest charity anyone can do is to feed those who have nothing to eat and to give light to those who are lost in the darkness. The church distributes all the bread it receives amongst the poor and the candles are given to those who have no electricity in their houses. Tourists coming here can visit this church and offer worship to this great saint.

How to Reach Hisar

By Air: Hisar does not have an airport of its own and the nearest is the Delhi Airport located at a distance of 165 km. It is well-connected to all the major cities in India.

By Train: Hisar has its own railhead and is well-connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Amritsar and Allahabad by train.

By Road: Hisar is well-connected to Delhi and major cities of Haryana, and the neighbouring states by road. Both public and private buses have regular service to the city.

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