» »Explore The Untrodden Paths Of Bathinda, Punjab

Explore The Untrodden Paths Of Bathinda, Punjab

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Bathinda, the city of lakes, was formerly popular by the name of Bikramgarh. This antiquated town is known to be more than 3000 years old and was a part of the Kushana Kingdom under the sovereign rule of the Kushana King Kanishka. Eventually, the town fell under the rule of the prominent rulers of history, like the Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, Prithviraj Chauhan, Iltutmish, Razia Sultana and the Mughals. The glimpses of the architecture in this town are essentially Islamic owing to its history of the Afghan rule that prevailed and dominated the place for decades. With its intriguing one-of-a-kind melange of history and culture, Bathinda is a place you should head to for the next vacation.

How To Reach Bathinda:

By Air: The closest airport to reach Bathinda is located in Ludhiana which is near about 150 km from the town.

By Rail: The Bathinda Railway Station is located at the centre of the town and is frequented by trains from various major routes of the country.

By Road: Bathinda is well connected to cities around its vicinity, through the roadways. Bathinda is easily accessible through the roadways as the Bathinda bus station is located right at the heart of the town.

Best Time To Visit Bathinda:

The winter months of October to March make the most favourable time to visit the town of Bathinda. In these months, the weather remains pleasant and windy with the temperature varying between 15°C and 20°C.

Places To Visit In Bathinda:

1. Bir Talab Zoo

1. Bir Talab Zoo

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With an abundance of rich natural reserve, the zoo is inhabited by a wide variety of animals along with some endangered species like crocodiles, deer, turtles and other animals. The entire zoo is enveloped in lush thick vegetation and is also home to a variety of different species of plants. Founded in the year 1978 by the Red Cross Society, the zoo sprawls over an area of 161 acres of land. Now governed by the Forest and Wildlife protection department of Punjab, the Bir Talab Zoo makes for a great tourist hotspot.

2. Bathinda Lake

2. Bathinda Lake

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Nestled near the thermal power plant, the Bathinda Lake makes for a great place to spend leisurely evenings. The promenade dotting the lake's shores is flanked by several eateries and shacks, making the place perfect for a relaxing evening walk. With facilities like boating in Kashmiri shikara styled boats, the Bathinda Lake is a great centre for recreational activities.

3. Quila Mubarak

3. Quila Mubarak

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The namesake fort in Patiala, the Quila Mubarak, is an ancient monument dating back to the time of Kushana Kingdom under the rule of Kanishka. With its decades- old enchanting aura of the old-world charm, the fort is the very place where the first empress of the Delhi Sultanate, Razia Sultan was defeated and imprisoned. The elaborate architecture of exceptional craftsmanship and the historical significance of the place, all secretly conspire to make the fort as one of the best places to visit in Bathinda.

4. Mazaar of Peer Haji Rattan

4. Mazaar of Peer Haji Rattan

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Amongst many architectural marvels and wondrous edifices, stands the Mazaar of Peer Haji Rattan in Bathinda. Symbolic of the cultural and religious diversity of the country, the most unique thing about the mosque is that it is built alongside a Sikh Gurudwara and a Hindu temple. One of the most important Muslim places of worship in Bathinda, the mosque shares its walls with the Gurudwara as well as the temple.

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