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9 Best Places To Truly Celebrate Christmas In India

During Christmas break, many prefer snow destinations, some travel to beaches, whereas others love to rejoice Christmas in big cities! Destinations may differ; however, it is that time of the year, no matter where you travel in India, you are going to get struck by Christmas Fever. So, be it warm, cold, or beach destination, once you've gotten past the planning, you're well on your way to a truly memorable and magical holiday.

Here are the best places to truly celebrate Christmas in India

1. Shimla


Shimla knows how to do Christmas right. If you fancy fireworks, family snowshoe tours, children's ski parades, hot beverages, and some resorts with outdoor fire pit; then Shimla should be your next stop! With impressive mountain views of the snow-clad mountains, the famous ski resort town of Kufri is the best destination to spend Christmas in India. Snow-covered hills and beautiful winter landscape will make your white Christmas fantasies come true. You can spend some quality indoor time with your loved ones in Shimla so that your holiday vacation does feel like a home away from home.

2. Imphal


Imphal is a beautiful holiday destination for a fun Christmas in India, and the whole household will surely feel the celebration of the season when touring the Imphal Christmas markets. There you can blend shopping with some travel. The Christmas markets have local handiworks and dolls dressed in traditional costume ornaments, to name a few.

Street stalls in Imphal sell all varieties of Christmasy bites during the festive season. In winter, you can get comfortable and enjoy the incredible sight of the city enveloped in a thick sheet of snow, complete with a piping mug of hot chocolate. However, make sure you are dressed in layers because it is cold out there.

3. Jim Corbett National Park


Christmas time on this sanctuary coincides with favourable weather and assorted flora and fauna. Although the complete tour package is expensive, the Christmas is observed as a public holiday in the resorts in Jim Corbett National park with Christmas trees and festive dinners. A great way of exploring their captivating landmass is by choosing an organised, child-friendly tour to discover Elephant, tigers and other birds; together living in harmony.

4. Auli


There's something enchanting about Christmas time in Auli, and spending the winter vacations there with the family is genuinely worthwhile. Here are some of our plausible reasons why? In Auli, you can enjoy winter carts pulled by horses to see the local attractions. You can also make family remembrances ice-skating in Auli, with both indoor and outdoor options.

Visit the rustic side of Auli, which comes alive during December with an unbelievable variety of eateries, boutiques, and cafes that are suitable for the whole family. With so much snowfall in the place, you can further opt to go skiing. It is a perfect backdrop to rejoice the holidays with your family

5. Mumbai


No matter what time of the year, Mumbai is always bustling with millions of people working round the clock. However, the celebratory lights and shops in Colaba Causeway and Hill road, and evening events on Bandra road make Mumbai an exciting destination for a Christmas break. Tour along the lit Bollywood haven, visit the Holy Name Cathedral or take an excursion to the magnificent Western Ghats around Lonavala (a couple of hours drive to the East of Mumbai) to rejoice this Christmas in Mumbai.

6. Goa


Those who live in Goa make up for lack of Christmas snow with lots of festive embellishments, activities and events for the holidays; as well as a warm Christmas vibe that pairs perfectly with the Goa's pleasant climate. This pint-sized state of India has its way of celebrating Christmas, and it is very casual in its approach. You can see tens of thousands of people donning shorts and flip-flops instead of a fancy attires in Goa!

Nevertheless, you can expect a lit Christmas in Goa, thanks to the events and parties throughout Goa's hotels and resorts. If that's not enough, you can hire a bike or car and tour the interiors of Goa to see the most decorated homes and churches. Moreover, you can indulge in some traditional holiday food like Chicken Cafreal and chocolate walnut fudge.

7. Puducherry


If your concept of a perfect holiday entails beautiful beaches, unique culture and plethora of delightful food, Puducherry might be calling! Just trade that usual Christmas cakes and wine for a holiday of Quiche and Coq Au Vin (which is a classic French chicken dish) on a picture-postcard seashore. The 'French Riviera of the East' offers warm hospitality and weather abreast gorgeous beaches, serene landscapes and ashrams to explore. If you are looking for some quiet time with your family, Puducherry is the place to be!

8. Alleppey


Winter in Alleppey is an exhilarating experience. Not only will you enjoy a summerlike, tropical Christmas, but this Malabar destination also offers several fun holiday events throughout December. That includes the lit Christmas events and concerts. The backwaters get incredibly serene during the winter - a perfect spot for those that would love to sit back and relax; rather than raving on a Christmas day. And of course, you can also enjoy relaxing in the houseboats or observing the numerous stunning small inlets and green farms, while you float in the vessel with your loved ones.

9. Chennai


In most of the cold quarters, notably in the extreme parts of India, Christmas can be a bit overwhelming! However, on the other side of India, in Chennai; Christmas seems like the first month of summer. So while you are digging in for sweaters and warmers to protect yourself from the wind chills, Chennaiyans are relishing picnics on the beaches. So, why not rejoice with them?

You can even spend Christmas day diving with hip-crowd along the Marina Beach or savour traditional authentic cuisine like hot Pakodas, Bhajjis and Chennai's very own, tea. Rejoicing the vitamin sea in those 25+ degree temperatures - and perhaps building a sandcastle with kids, rather than snowballs, is worth a change. Thus, Chennai is one of the best Christmas vacations in India for families and kids.

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