» »The Mysterious Nidhivan In Vrindavan - Does Lord Krishna Visit This Place Every Night?

The Mysterious Nidhivan In Vrindavan - Does Lord Krishna Visit This Place Every Night?

By Vineeth Mohan

Have you heard of a place where Lord Krishna dances at night with Radha and other Gopis? Nidhivan is one of the most significant, yet mysterious temple in Vrindavan, Lord Krishna's birthplace. Swami Haridas ,a divine saint who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna , used to please his Priya-Priyatam (Lord Krishna) by pouring the melodious rapture of his divine music in the temple vicinity. It is believed that Lord Krishna not only came in his dream but also appeared in this spiritually blessed Nidhivan! The place of appearance of Lord Krishna has been spotted here with a temple named PrakatyaSathal.Nidhivan is one of the most mysterious temples in India!

The Mysterious Nidhivan!

The mystery behind this temple is associated with Ras Leela of Lord Krishna! It is believed that after the sacred process of Arti ( vespers), the temple periphery is restricted to every kind of species. This is because Lord Krishna appear here during the night to perform Ras Leela with Radha and his other Gopis.

The Mysterious Nidhivan

Legend says that, anybody who remains at night in the temple would either become visually impaired or would lose their hearing ability. Beliefs also say that the person may never be able to speak or walk and may even lose his life. So anybody, who would dare to do this act of remaining in the temple wouldn't be alive the next morning to disclose this spiritual secret of Nidhivan.

Inside the Rang Mahal, the priest of the temple keeps two toothbrushes, a saree, bangles, paan leaves, some holy water in the jug with four sweets (Laddoo) and ready bed everyday after aarti in the night. But in the morning, everything is seen scattered which adds to the mystery in this area. Even the monkeys that stay in Nidhivan leave the area after Arti!

The trees in Nidhivan are very short and intertwined to each other. The trees are believed to be Gopis, and their intertwined shape depicts the love between themselves.There is no sign of birds nest or some insect on the trees. Nidhivan and these trees are said to be the favourite place of Lord Krishna!

The mysterious Nidhivan is a place worth visiting! But don't forget to leave the place after Arti or you might not be able to read this again!!

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