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Must Know Airport Tricks for Safe and Smooth Travel

The airport is one of the busiest places in the world. It's where you have to deal with long lines and delays, run into people you don't know, and find yourself surrounded by strangers.

While airports are an inconvenience, they can be safe if you know the right tricks to use when traveling there.

Here are some tips and must know Airport hacks for your smooth travel:

1) Don't look nervous:

Don't look nervous or worried when you arrive at the airport. If you feel nervous about your flight or worried about being late for an appointment, it will show on your face. Instead, smile and look like you're having fun! You don't realize it now but it's a life-saving airport hack. Walk like an experienced traveler and this will save you from unnecessary checks and questions.

Airport tricks

2) Don't buy expensive water bottles:

Not buying a water bottle from the airport is advisable because they won't allow water bottles during security checks most of the time, instead carry an empty bottle and fill it on the other side after all checks. Buying a water bottle from which you just had a sip or two and then you have to throw or submit it to the authorities makes no sense. Look for the water station after security check and fill up your empty bottle which you got from home.

3) Know what's going on around you:

It is advisable to always stay alert and be aware of your surroundings while at the airport. The most important thing is knowing what's happening around you while you're getting patted down by security personnel. Wait for the time until authorities are done with their duty of checking or searching and are moving on to another person waiting in line behind you. Don't try to rush past them - they will stop you! And if they do so answer each of their questions truthfully.

4) Start early:

Arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight's departure time so you have time to clear security and check-in. You'll also have time to go through any additional screening required by your airlines, such as extra bag searches or body scans.

Airport tricks

5) What if you are late:

Sometimes due to any unforeseen circumstances, you might reach late at the airport. During such time do not hesitate to request the authorities or people to let you go first. We are already panicking thinking that we might miss our flight, we are already late, what will be the refund amount if I miss the flight due to my own mistake. These all questions are already around you and sometimes you don't see the opportunity which is still there through which you can board your flight on time. That is why always ask and try your best to board your flight till the end.

6) Dress smartly:

Don't wear loose clothing while flying because they can drag on the ground when they're rolling around in luggage carts (which happens very frequently). Find something that fits well and isn't too tight. Airport dressing is supposed to be comfortable and good-looking as well. For reference, you can watch many videos on how to dress for the airport. Because if you are not wearing comfortable footwear or clothes it can make your travel experience suffer.

7) Handle your luggage smartly:

Learn this mantra to always keep a note inside your luggage which is easily accessible to the security people in case you lost your bag. Make sure this note has your call-back number, email address, name, and all possible information that you feel will be useful for the airport authority to contact you. Always click a picture of your bag before leaving for the airport, this will help you to show it to security if you lose your luggage. This way you will be on the safe side even if you lost your luggage temporarily.

8) Book cabs outside the airport:

You might find very costly cabs from the airport due to high parking charges. If you have less luggage walk a little outside of the airport and then book a cab. For example from distances A to b the cab charges are originally INR 500, but if you book a cab from the airport they will charge you no less than INR 700-800.


Using small hacks at the airport can save you from making any hasty decisions and will always make you feel smart. The above hacks are very useful and can save you from any related unforeseen issues at the airport. Do follow them wisely and have a happy trip!

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