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5 Most Overrated Tourist Places In India

By Pranav Erassery Balakrishnan

India is a country with ample places to look around and explore; it is a land with many paradoxes. Some places have been visited and revisited by tourists, while a few others are simply overrated. Due to commercialisation and other reasons, the true ethos of many places have been lost.

Tour operators or tourism boards would never tell you this, there are plenty of incredibly popular places that would actually look good only in the films and nothing close to it in reality. It is a matter of perspective, why you get attracted to a particular place.

Overrated Places in India

To save you the trouble and your money, we have compiled a list of destinations which have been overrated and their alternatives as well.

So, here is a list of 5 most overrated tourist places in India and where you could go instead.

1. Forget Shimla

Shimla was once a paradise to one who sought peace and a place to calm oneself from the maddening buzz of the hectic city life, but this has become history. Infested with the tourists from around the country which have led to rapid commercialisation, Shimla has been robbed away of its status.

overrated tourist places in india,

How To Reach Shimla?

Visit Auli Instead

Auli is known for its ski resorts and the natural surroundings. It is wrapped by the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, giving you a breathtaking view of India's second highest peak - Nanda Devi. It's also home to the world's highest artificial lake named Auli. A holiday which would truly boost your spirits high.

overrated tourist places in india,

How To Reach Auli?

The heavy inflow of tourists, vanishing landscapes, the ever present Mall Road has contributed to vanishing splendour of Mussoorie. There is pretty much nothing left to see except for Kempty Falls, which is close-by and a walk in the market.

Explore Dhanaulti Near Mussoorie

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Visit Chakrata Instead

The towering mountainous ranges of Chakrata offer several adventurous activities. This mystical hill station showcases some of the ravishing waterfalls that are enough to entice the weary souls.

overrated tourist places in india,

3. Forget Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is beautiful to look at it, but it is crowded and unfulfilling. The iconic landmark is surrounded by filthy and unkept surroundings. The monument has also begun to lose it charm, it was made of pure white marble, but the increase in pollution and the amount of toxic waste which is being released into the Yamuna, has made the Taj Mahal lose its beauty.

Know About The Mini Taj Mahal

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Visit The Golden Temple Instead

A visit to the temple is something one would never forget. Located in Punjab, the Golden temple is considered as the holiest shrine of the Sikhs. Surrounded by water, the temple in gold creates a reflection in the pool. Here people welcome you with open arms to join them in the meal being served to all the visitors every day which is absolutely free of cost and equally delicious.

Know More About Golden Temple

overrated tourist places in india,

4. Forget Ooty

Infested with tourists from across the globe, this place has also fallen victim to the rampant commercialisation. As a result, the place is very unkept, there is pretty much nothing to see apart from the Botanical Garden which is crowded even at twilight, the unclean lake, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway which found its place in UNSECO's list of World Heritage Sites.

How To Reach Ooty?

overrated tourist places in india,

Visit Coonoor Instead

The true natural beauty lies here, located at a distance of about 25 kms away from Ooty, is this beauty. The place boasts about its share of tea plantations, various places which offer you spectacular viewpoints. Coonoor hasn't yet fallen prey to the rapid commercialisation, unlike Ooty.

overrated tourist places in india,

5. Forget Munnar

The beauty of Munnar lies in its tea gardens and the misty mountains. Once you have had enough of these there is pretty much nothing else to do. To add on, the accommodations are forever overpriced and could easily burn a hole in your pocket, thanks to the never-ending flow of tourists to this much-famed place.

Dream Trip From Coimbatore To Munnar

overrated tourist places in india,

Visit Wayanad Instead

Wayanad is an ideal place for a weekend getaway. With its mountains dressed with mist, and rivers flowing across the mountains, the place would sure wipe you off your feet. One could see the elephants at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and have a dip in the Soochipara Waterfalls. Or simply drive down the much famed Thamarassery Ghat and also have hot authentic Kerala breakfast from the roadside eateries.

overrated tourist places in india,

How To Reach Waynad?

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