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Madhya Pradesh Tourism – Tranquil Lakes

Written By: Manoj

Madhya Pradesh popularly known as the 'Heart of India' is the second largest state in the country. The history of this state, its geographical location, its natural beauty, its cultural heritage and the people, makes it one of the best tourist destinations.

Madhya Pradesh offers all aspects of tourism for tourists to explore and indulge. From watching tigers at the national park  to the amazing architecture of the temples at Khajuraho, one can discover the real India here.

One of the attractions in Madhya Pradesh are its lakes which are the life source of drinking water for its people. These lakes add to the beauty of the region and attract tourists from far and wide.

Upper Lake

Upper Lake in Bhopal has the distinction of being the oldest man-made lake in the country. The lake dates back to 11th century and is locally referred to as Bada Talab.

The lake stands over the Kolans River and is known as one of the most beautiful lake in India. It is the waters of the Upper Lake that are supplied in the houses of Bhopal for drinking purposes.

To make the Lake attractive for the tourists a beautiful garden, the Kamla Park, has been built close by where tourist can amaze at the beauty of the place.

Upper Lake

Scenic view of Upper Lake.
Photo Courtesy: Sanyam Bahga

Bhoj Wetland

The Bhojtal was created by Paramara Raja Bhoj, ruler of Malwa. The lake was created by constructing an earthen dam across the Kolans River.

The Kolans was formerly a tributary of the Halali River. With the creation of the Bhojtal and a diversion channel, the upper reach of the Kolans River and the Bhojtal now drain into the Kaliasot River. 

Bhadbhada dam was constructed in 1965 at the southeast corner of the Bhojtal and it now controls the outflow to the Kaliasot river.

Travellers coming here can enjoy the beauty of nature and also head here with you family for a picnic.

Lower Lake

The Lower Lake lies close to the Upper Lake. The beautiful visual of the lake is awe-inspiring in itself. Tourists are also given the opportunity to use paddle and motorboats for boating in the Lake along with sailing.

Adventure lovers will have a great time performing some of the water based activities in this lake. The Lower Lake is as popular among the tourists and the local population as a picnic spot.

Lower Lake

Picturesque view of the lake.
Photo Courtesy: Andy Arthur

Tawa Reservoir

The Tawa Reservoir is a large reservoir on the Tawa River in central India. It is located in Hoshangabad district. The reservoir was formed by the construction of the Tawa Dam which was completed in 1978.

The dam provides for irrigation to several thousand hectares of farming land in the region. It is also a big tourist attraction during the monsoon months.

A cruise boat service has been started by the tourism department for visitors to the dam and the reservoir.

Tawa Reservoir

Camlness on the lake.
Photo Courtesy: Nick

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