» »Learn About Hamren, The Hidden Picturesque Town Of Assam

Learn About Hamren, The Hidden Picturesque Town Of Assam

By Arjun

Once Mahatma Gandhi said that the real beauty of India lies in its villages and small towns. You will be surprised to know that it is cent percent true if you take a tour of Indian villages and small towns. They are blessed with a peaceful and stainless atmosphere, unlike cities which are characterised by their polluted and disturbing environment. Today, we are taking you to such a small town where you can literally feel the essence of real India. Located in the state of Assam, Hamren is a small town which certainly provides its visitors with a soothing aura.

The presence of a cool breeze, lush green surroundings and the raw culture of India make Hamren a perfect place for a traveller. Wouldn't you love to find yourself amid its beautiful boundaries? Read on to know more about Hamren, how to reach and why you should visit it.

Best Time To Visit Hamren

As Hamren is located in the midst of green hills, it maintains a favourable climate throughout the year. Hence, you can visit it anytime in a year. However, the best time to visit Hamren is from September until the end of March, when the temperature conditions are ideal and the weather is cool.

The Location And Surroundings Of Hamren

Hamren is a small town in the West Karbi Anglong district of Assam and is surrounded by beautiful green hills and colourful farm fields. Even though the history of the town is still unknown, it is believed to have been in existence since the advent of the Common Era.

The town is blessed with the beauty of Kapili river and lush green vegetation. Therefore, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway in the arms of nature. The town is also known for its age-old culture and traditions. How about savouring this beautiful town and learning about its values?


Why You Should Visit Hamren

If you have never experienced a rural setting and would love to witness the beauty of a country life, then you must visit Hamren. Apart from mingling with the locals and getting acquainted with their traditions, you can also explore its beautiful surroundings.

From lakes to hills and valleys to rivers, you will have a lot of options here to relish the raw beauty of Assam. After all, who would not love to take a break amid calmness and peace? Tika Hills, Dongka and Khanduli are certain places of interest in the vicinity of the town. Isn't it enough for your weekend trip?

How To Reach Hamren

By Air: The best way to reach Hamren by air is to take a direct flight to Guwahati and then from there, a bus or a cab to Hamren. The distance between the town and the airport is about 170 km. Hence, it will take an approximate time of 4 h 30 min to reach your destination from the airport.

By Rail: As Hamren doesn't have a railway station of its own, you need to catch a train to Guwahati railway station and then from there, a bus or a cab to Hamren.

By Road: Hamren is well connected to all other major cities and towns by road and therefore you can easily access it by road.

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