» »A Haunted House in a Virtually Abandoned Village – Somanathahalli in Karnataka!

A Haunted House in a Virtually Abandoned Village – Somanathahalli in Karnataka!

By Vineeth Mohan

India has a gargantuan acquisition of ghost stories associated with places , but it is always scary when one has to experience it oneself! Otherwise ask the people of Somanathahalli in Gulbarga district of Karnataka. Somanatha halli is one of the most haunted places in Karnataka which has an eerie mood.

A majority of residents have abandoned the place and those who remain face an uncertain future in this haunted village at the banks of river Bhima. Villagers believe that a house in this village is haunted and provide ample evidences for substantiating that. Let's see what makes this forsaken village one among the most haunted places in Karnataka!

The two Poltergeists!

Locked houses abandoned by the residents mark the old eerie part of the village! Those who left the village never returned selling their acres of farmland in throwaway prices. The place has seen a series of unexpected deaths and other catastrophes since the death of two Lingayat women in a tiger attack six decades ago! A tiger entering the house was considered as an ill omen by the community and the prevalent belief was to evacuate the house which they did.

Haunted Places In Karnataka

The family which occupied the house afterwards saw a series of unexpected deaths. The villagers were further shocked when this was followed by suicides in and around the locality. That is when the ghost stories started to roll in the village and the stories of ghost wanderings in the night terrified the villagers. A fortune teller from nearby Jewargi suggested the people to leave the village which further added to the horror.

The survivors of the family fled to the nearby town after selling their 300 + acres of land at throwaway prices. The other families also started to evacuate once unexpected deaths started occurring in the neighbourhoods. Of the 400 houses in village, 300 are abandoned and rest of the people do not dare to go near the vicinity of the abandoned house after dark!

Gangadharendra Swamiji of Vishwaradhya Mutt of Abbetumkur in Yadgir district was requested to look into the situation. He walked through the streets on each of the three nights he stayed in the village. He admitted that he felt uneasiness while he walked by the haunted house and asked the villagers to demolish it!

What might have caused these catastrophes in the village? Is it really the ghost doings? Visit this haunted village of Somanathahalli in Gulbarga and find out by yourself if you survive the dark!

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