» » Agrasen Ki Baoli In Delhi - Black Water That Entices People To Commit Suicide!

Agrasen Ki Baoli In Delhi - Black Water That Entices People To Commit Suicide!

By Vineeth Mohan

Delhi is a symbol for India's opulent past and thriving present! The city is a perfect example for the seamless blend of the past and the present with a lot of historic monuments being a part of the daily life Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi is one such monument which has a mystery connected to it!

Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi is a 60-meter long and 15-meter wide historical step well protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. Agrasen Ki Baoli is listed among the most haunted places in Delhi and India for it's spooky nature. Let's see what makes Agrasen Ki Baoli one of the most mysterious and haunted places in Delhi!

Agrasen Ki Baoli - Black water that entices people to commit suicide!

Although it is believed that the legendary king Agrasen of Solar dynasty built Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi, there are no historical records to prove who built this architecturally rich monument. The visible parts of this monument has three levels with 103 steps.

Haunted Places In Delhi


This baoli is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Delhi by many . It is said that the baoli had black water once, which enticed depressed people towards it and hypnotized them to death by alluring them to jump into it! The well has dried out but the baoli remains to be one of the most mysterious places in Delhi till this day.

The silence deepens and the sky disappears as we move down the stairs of baoli. The burble of pigeons and squeaky chatter of bats echoes off the stone walls creating an eerie mood! Many people believe that the evil spirits reside here and some visitors have claimed to have felt a strange presence here at times!

People who visit Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi tends to get a feel of being followed by an invisible somebody and the intensity increase with faster steps. The haunted Agrasen Ki Baoli has a petrifying feel attached to it that creeps the hell out of people! It's definitely something you need to experience first hand in order to believe it.

A travel to this one amongst the most haunted places in Delhi might satisfy the paranormal enthusiast in you. Hope you don't get lost there!

most haunted places in India

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