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5 Sun-kissed Locations In India That You Should Visit At least Once

You must be really lucky if you live in India. India offers a variety of travel locations. From deserts, to mountains, to cities, to beaches, it has got everything to quench your wanderlust. While many head to mountains for their summer vacations, a lot of folk prefer a beach holiday for their summer break, especially children. So we have decided to make a list of sun-kissed locations in India that are loved not only by Indians but also by people from all over the world.

You'll be surprised by how little you know of your own country after reading this and beware, you would want to travel to all of these beach locations that we have mentioned below. But we recommend spreading them out. Take your time and use your summer vacations wisely. One stop at a time...



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This beach is nestled in the state of Kerala. It's known for its cliff view rather than its beaches but many who have explored the coastline have discovered many beautiful spots. Needless to say, the beaches here are lush green, surrounded by beautiful coconut trees.

Mounted on a serene cliff, the entire place overlooks a beautiful sea. If you are lucky, you get to see dolphins far away in the sea. The sunsets are jaw-dropping. The cliff houses a row of beautiful and interesting cafes. So if you get tired of exploring the place, you can always stop by for a quick bite.

Once you have covered the cliff, you'll be led to a beautiful black-sand beach. The fisherman will greet you with a perfect smile. There are perfect guest houses to stay at with your family and friends.



Needless to say, Goa is the best place to lounge around during summer breaks. The most ardently loved place calls the attention of people from all over the country, even the world. The nightlife, the beaches, the markets, the sun and the sand, everything makes it a perfect location for your next beach trip.

Even though Goa has become of the most commercialised place in India, it still has its charm intact. Standing tall for all these years, Goa still has so much to offer, from a wild frenzy night to peaceful serene views. Goa has its own character.

Many believe that it is a place for youngsters and party lovers, but that is far from being true. Goa has much to offer to families and couples. It is like a paradise that covers the demands of every kind of tourist. You can just lay at the beach with your loved ones or do cartwheels with your kids, Goa will bring you bliss, in every way.



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Next on the list is Gokarna. It is housed in the south-western Indian state of Karnataka. Gokarna coastline gives a rather beautiful view of the Arabian Sea coastline. It's less chaotic than Goa. Popular for huge Mahabaleshwar Temple, Gokarna attracts a huge crowd of beach dwellers.

Gokarna is your typical sun-kissed place, not talked about much, yet has its own share of marvel, delivering as the perfect beach vacation. The hotels are under budget. There are many guest houses that cater to your expensive city needs yet are not hard on your pocket.

As mentioned earlier, Gokarna beaches are quieter than that of Goa. If you manage to find a beautiful secluded spot, it'll feel like you have a beach all to yourself. Gokarna is known for its beautiful sunsets.

Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar

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There is no limit to beaches here because it houses about 300 islands. The beautiful islands are outlined by palm trees. The white-sand beaches here beat the beauty of Phi Phi. You will witness nature at its raw self. The island also offers lush green tropical forests and mangrove landscapes.

You will be surprised about how beautiful and divine India is. It's a perfect location for family vacations. The beach sites also offer a variety of activities like snorkelling since the island is home to one of the biggest coral reefs that support a huge number of marine animals.

The tranquil blue water and clean beaches are some of its distinct features, but there is much more to it. It's idyllic for families and couples.



PC: Tapanmajumdar

Pondy is known for its beautiful French villas and French food but never its beaches. But guess what? If you explore a bit, you will be surprised by the beauty of its beaches. The Promenade Beach is one of the popular spots in Pondicherry to look at the sea and find reasons to be lazy and have ice cream.

But as you move further ahead to Auroville, you'll find a beach as vast as Mumbai's Marine Lines. There are beautiful lodgings, a bit expensive but if you are going in a group, the budget won't hurt. The guest houses are a bit far away from the beach since Pondicherry doesn't have the liberty of Goa's beach shack culture.

But a 10-minute walk or best, if you rent a scooter, you can explore as many beaches as you want. It's a perfect place to bring your families to. The children can enjoy making castles at the beach and you can explore the history of Pondy.

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