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India Tourism – Fishing Spots

Written By: Manoj

Whether you're the type who likes to string a worm onto a makeshift line and catch your own dinner or a thoroughbred professional angler with the latest in fishing tackle, India's waters, both fresh and salt, can be a pleasant surprise.

The country has an estimated 50,000 km of waters in the form of rivers, streams, and lakes, the sport of fishing is still the preserve of a very select elite.

There is definitely a lot of scope for fishing in the country. Major rivers like the Ganga and its tributaries, the Yamuna, the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi, the Krishna and the Kaveri are home to a wide spectrum of fish, including mahseer, rohu, katli, and trout.

The coastal waters lapping the shores of peninsular India harbour marine sport fish such as mackerel, marlin and sea bass as well. Here is a guide to the 5 fishing destinations in India.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, one of India's easternmost states, is also one of the best places to go fishing. The state is bisected by the Lohit river and a number of smaller streams, all of which offer ample opportunity for reeling in some of the biggest fish you're likely to catch.

You should head to the Tezu which is a tributary of the Lohit river, or the Tipi and Bhalukpong which are tributaries of the Bhoroli river.

Travellers coming here can hire fishing gear from nearby stores and enjoy the sport.

Arunachal Pradesh

A fiserman casting his net.
Photo Courtesy: Abhimanyu

Tamil Nadu

The Nilgiris have a number of streams, rivers and pools where good trout fishing is possible. Among the best trout streams are the Peermund, Kalkundi, Portimund, Mekod river and the Chembar stream.

The Mukurthi Lake and the reservoirs created by the Avalanche and Emerald rivers also are well-stocked with trout. It is a haven for anglers who are sure to get a catch in these waters.

Tamil Nadu

A cloud cover over the river.
Photo Courtesy: Sankara Subramanian


The Kaveri, in Karnataka, is the prime angling river. Anglers coming here can either stay in Mysore or at the Kaveri Fishing Lodge.

The waters around the lodge, which is on the banks of the river, are a good place to fish for mahseer. There are many shops from where you can either purchase fishing gear or take it on hire.

The best time to fish here is early morning when the fishes come near the banks in search of food.


A fish popping its head out of the water.
Photo Courtesy: Poorna Keda

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has acquired the status of prime fishing locale. The Kullu Manali region, especially the Larji Valley, is crisscrossed by a number of streams which finally meet the Beas river.

Most of these streams have good brown trout, besides other local species. Further north, the Baspa river is replete with trout, and Kasol, Bathad and Banjar are more acclaimed for mahseer.

Himachal Pradesh

A boy putting the bait onto the hook.
Photo Courtesy: Satish Krishnamurthy


The Shivaliks, stretching across the mountainous state of Uttaranchal, offer good fishing- both in rivers and streams as well as in lakes.

The Ramganga and Sharda rivers and the area's lakes namely Nainital and Dodital are great for trout and mahseer fishing. On the Ganga, the stretches around Beasghat and Gangalehri are also good fishing grounds.


The Thalay Sagar river where you can go fishing.
Photo Courtesy: Kailas98

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