» »Dilwara Jain Temples in Rajasthan!

Dilwara Jain Temples in Rajasthan!

By Siji Ram

Dilwara Jain temples are amongst the top Jain pilgrimage sites in India. Located near Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Dilwara temples comprise of five Jain temples that are known for its religious and architectural significance.

Built between 11th and 13th centuries AD, these temples are one of the finest examples of temples during the reign of Chalukya dynasty. These simple, yet elegant temples are known for their marble structures, intricately carved pillars, doorways and ceilings and panels, giving each temple the uniqueness it flaunts. Let us get to know more about these five temples.


Photo Courtesy: Malaiya

Vimal Vasahi Temple

Vimal Vasahi Temple is also known as Shri Adinath Temple. It is the oldest temple among the temples in the complex. Dedicated to a Jain saint Sri Adinath ji, the temple was built by Vimal Shah, the Solanki Maharaja of Gujarat. There are several images of Jain saints inside the temple, all beautifully designed and carved. Guda Mandapa, an attraction of the temple, is a hall that has images dedicated to Sri Adinath ji.


Photo Courtesy: Pratyk321

Luna Vasahi Temple

Luna Vasahi Temple is also known as Sri Neminath Ji Temple. Dedicated to the 22nd Jain saint Sri Nemi Nathji, the temples was built in 1230 AD by two brothers Tejpal and Vastupal. This is the second most significant temple among the Dilwara temples in Rajasthan. The main hall of the temple, Rang Mandap, is known for its 360 tiny figures of Tirthankaras that are placed in a circular band. The Guda Mandap here has a black marble idol of Sri Nemi Nath.


Photo Courtesy: Archibald Adams

Pittalhar Temple

Dedicated to Rishabh Dev, the first Tirthankar, the temple is known for its massive idol of the saint which is cast in five metals. The temple gains its name from Pital (brass), the major element used to build the idol. The shrine has a Garbhagriha, Guda Mandap and Navchowki.

Parshvanatha Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Parshvanatha, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar. Parshvanath Temple, also known as Khartar Vasahi Temple, was built in 1459 by Mandlik. The shrine here is the tallest of all shrines at Dilwara. This three-storey structure has big four halls at the four sides on the ground floor. The carved sculptures in grey sandstone on the exteriors of the temple is a treat to the eyes!


Photo Courtesy: Surohit

Mahavir Swami Temple

Mahavir Swami Temple is a small temple compared to the other Dilwara temples, and is dedicated to Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankar. Built in 1582, the temple has amazing carvings on its walls. The upper walls of the temple has images painted by artists of Sirohi in 1764.

Take a trip to this beautiful Jain pilgrimage site. Here is how you can reach Mount Abu.

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