» »Colombo Lotus Tower: Tallest Tower In South Asia

Colombo Lotus Tower: Tallest Tower In South Asia

Colombo is home to Sri Lanka's tallest skyscraper, The Colombo Lotus tower, which is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo. With a height of 356 meters, this tower is the tallest in South Asia, the eleventh tallest in Asia, and the nineteenth tallest in the entire world. It is now a well-known and important tourist destination in Sri Lanka. In the Sinhala language, Lotus Tower is also called "Nelum Kuluna."

Lotus Tower, a significant landmark of Sri Lanka, is essentially a communications tower in shades of green and purple. The tower has room for 20 telecommunication companies and about 50 broadcasters of television and radio. The observation tower is located on the seventh floor which is an ideal location for capturing priceless photos.

The tower's construction project was started in 2012 when Mahinda Rajapaksa was president. It was first proposed to be erected in the Peliyagoda region, but the Sri Lankan government later opted to change the location to the coastline of Beira Lake. Construction began on January 20, 2012, following a ceremony to lay the foundation stone at the waterfront of Beira Lake.

Colombo Lotus tower

Finally, it is located on the Beira Lake beachfront in the center of Colombo and the total cost for the construction of this tower is $104.3 million which EXIM Bank of the People's Republic of China provided the funding for the construction this skyscraper. The Government of Sri Lanka will repay the bank with the money it receives from renting out the tower's space. It is one of the many "white elephant" projects built with the help of Chinese loans.

The lotus blossom, which in Sri Lanka represents purity, served as inspiration for the tower's design. The two twisted trapezoids that make up the bottom of the tower are designed to resemble the lotus flower's throne. With the help of coated glass, LED lights that can change colors, and floodlights, the lotus tower's color is intended to smoothly flow between pink and light yellow. During holidays like Avurudu, Pongal, Christmas, and Eid, the tower will also include appropriate decoration exhibitions.

The tower is composed of four parts: Tower Base, Tower House, Tower Stem, and Antenna Mast. There are various sites to explore in each of these areas. In the tower, visitors can explore banquet halls, hotels with suites, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, auditoriums, and much more. At the top, there is a revolving restaurant with a beautiful view of the city. Every 90 minutes, one rotation is finished. One of Colombo's most notable structures, this tower may be seen from as far away as 10 kilometers away due to its great length.

Colombo Lotus tower

How to reach:

It takes an hour or more by road from Colombo International Airport to Lotus Tower. City buses are also running, but will surely take more time.

Best time to visit:

December to April

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