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10 Christmas Travel Ideas For Indians

Christmas away from home can bring out all sorts of new feelings and perceptions. You either adore it or hate it. But more often than not, unusual Christmas travel ideas become the amusing tales that you reminisce over dinner and a pint each Christmas.

While extreme Christmas experiences can amp up the celebrations, we wanted to see if we could add some unique places and adventures to spend Christmas in India. So that, you and your loved ones can start new Christmas vacation customs, only this time it'll be done with snow and sand between your toes. We bring you 12 Christmas travel ideas to have a memorable Christmas this year!

#1 Recover and rediscover yourself at a resort


Why not venture on a silent retreat, a meditation camp or a nature getaway during the Christmas holidays? When the mundane world becomes too overpowering, it's time to escape and beat them all by sitting in silence and finding your inner self.

#2 Fly to the most affordable foreign country available


Review your favourite flight comparison website to see where you can fly at the last minute. And just do it! Surprises bring in more joy than expected results. Moreover, time is flying, and life is short - we recommend you take some irrational decisions.

#3 Go on a Christmas road trip


We're not recommending just any traditional road trip; for this challenge, you need to decorate the vehicle. Yes! Go somewhere that's welcoming on a Christmas day, like a historical centre or a nature park of a close-by city.

#4 Spend the day amid animals and wildlife


Humans are beautiful, but wildlife is extraordinary. This Christmas break, find some furry buddies at a farm, a zoo or nature park - whatever you have at hand will do. You can visit the best wildlife sanctuary or national park to partake in safaris or jeep drive to explore natures hidden gem.

#5 Spend a night or two at Jaisalmer desert camp


Dunes, warm weather, camels: this image is in contrariety to every stereotypical Christmas postcard. So if you're contemplating to do something different this year, why not travel straight to the most imminent desert? It doesn't need to be a bumpy experience - you can stay in a luxury tent and enjoy the best of nature amid dunes.

#6 Go someplace where the culture is vibrant and colourful


Head to Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Udaipur or anywhere with colours more vigorous than a photoshopped image.

#7 Build a snowman or snow-castles in the Himalayas and have a fun family time


If you have children, make them create snowman and snow-castles while you prepare a festive ambience around. Bring battery-run lights, warm sheets and woollen socks for your family to feel home away from home.

#8 Go skiing in a Santa costume in Manali


Wrap yourself in a festive-mood Santa outfit and waken up a little festival excitement on the hills of Manali's famous ski resort.

#9 Go cruising to Goa or kayaking in the backwaters of Alleppey


Reserve a ticket on the next possible cruise to Goa from Mumbai or Mangalore and cruise the carnival season away. Or, if you'd instead want to explore under your own steam, swap sailing for a kayak or houseboat in Alleppey.

#10 Soak in a warm mineral pool at Tattapani hot water spring or Panamik in Nubra Valley


There is nothing like soaking yourself in an outdoor mineral pool in the winter. You'll feel like you're tricking nature as you view cold mist covering the vicinity while you immerse in hot springs, not caring about the tiny details like the weather forecast. Moreover, drinking hot beverages, submerged in hot springs in a snow-filled ambience will surely make this Christmas a special one!

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