» »Favourite Tourist Destinations Of Celebs And 5 Things They Always Carry Along While Travelling

Favourite Tourist Destinations Of Celebs And 5 Things They Always Carry Along While Travelling

By Lekhaka

Bollywood and television celebrities share their favourite tourist destinations and the things they always carry with them while travelling.

Somy Ali

My favorite tourist spots are London, India, Paris, New York and Rajasthan. London and New York have so much diversity when it comes to food and cultures that it almost makes you believe that there is no discrimination in this world. It's an illusion that we must all experience at least once. India made me who I am today. I owe everything No More Tears has accomplished to India so it's more of a personal thing. As for Paris, that's a given. Who wouldn't want to go there? I like to travel light and the five must-haves in my travel bag are cell, pepper spray, notebook, pens and makeup.

Pranitaa Pandit

There are two of my favorite destinations, Switzerland and New Zealand. Both are my favorite because Switzerland is beautiful to another level and it's mesmerizing. It has a lot of variety of views from snow to plain mountains and water streams. The weather is amazing and it's very less populated. It's gorgeous. And New Zealand because every sight of New Zealand is a picture-perfect moment. I remember going to Queenstown and just looking around and I was like should I take a picture. It's that beautiful.

I'm a light traveler. I would like to have a backpack and I try to keep as much stuff in it and then just travel with that. The five must-haves in your travel bag are, of course, a pair of sneakers, tracks, basic medicines, one good jacket and my phone, that is the five top five things that I must have in my bag.

Favourite Tourist Destinations Of Celebs

Aalisha Panwar

My favorite tourist spot is Kashmir. I love that place because you get to witness a different experience in different seasons. It is like heaven. I love the beauty of that place.

I am a person who travels heavily because I need to have different outfits for every day and then I carry different footwear too matching the outfit and then accessories too. My five must-haves are mobile and phone accessories like AirPods, charger, etc., perfume, my touch up makeup kit, mosquito repellant spray, and these days because of COVID I carry a mask and sanitizer.

Salim Diwan

My favorite tourist spot lies in nature, wherever I can witness a true nature that is the spot I would love to explore. Nature gives us serenity, peace of mind, a refreshing environment, this is what we want when we get out of our stressful and regular life schedule. In India I love to spend time at my Lonawala bungalow. I like Lonawala because it's close to Mumbai and beautifully located amongst the hills. The weather is perfect and you can witness rain in almost all seasons. Abroad I love to spend time at different beachside in London and other coastal areas of Europe. Every year I explore a different area of Europe but because of COVID I couldn't travel in the last one year.

I like to travel light so that I can explore the place as much as I can. Five must-haves are my earphones, my wallet, mint tablets, my SPF and my two or three types of shades and nowadays sanitizer.

Vidhi Pandya

My favorite tourist spot is Ladakh. I love the breathtaking landscapes, the high mountains and the peaceful atmosphere of Ladakh. I like to travel light. I feel the only way to enjoy a vacation is to travel light. Believe it or not, heavy luggage always spoils the mood.

The five must-haves in my bag are a phone, a lip balm, some mints, safety pins and tissues.

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