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Best Places to celebrate Diwali In Karnataka

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. Known as the "Festival of Lights," Diwali is a five-day fete commemorating the victory of good over evil. It is an occasion of prosperity and family togetherness. Diwali is all about sharing joy among friends and family by indulging in poojas at home, distributing souvenirs and sweets, and bursting firecrackers. If you are wondering where to celebrate Diwali this year, Fret not!

Here are a few places in Karnataka that celebrate Diwali like no other city in the country.



Mangalore is one of the best places to celebrate Diwali in Karnataka. Mangalore maintains its coastal grace while creating its unique vibe. The whole town lights up amid calm and pleasant weather. Besides events, a tourist can also relax and unwind at many beaches that Mangalore has to offer. People from all walks of life get along and celebrate the festival of prosperity and togetherness. Schools and colleges are closed in Mangalore during the enchanting holiday season.



Also known as the mining capital of Karnataka, Bellary is reminiscent of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. Bellary is an excellent travel destination in Karnataka that incorporates fabulous ruins and forts. Thus, it is apt for history buffs and nature lovers. Lit up temples, surrounded by untouched green spreads and ruins, make Bellary a visual treat for tourists and locals during Diwali.



Celebrated in great zeal and excitement, Mandya transforms into a land of the carnival during the holidays. Multiple pandals are built across the city boasting different themes; go for a drive or a ride across the city to admire the unique decorations and advanced set-up. A weekend spent in Mandya during Diwali will provide a sense of fulfilment. Diwali is one of those festivals that cannot be missed in Karnataka.



Mysore is an ancient city that served as the capital of the Mysore kingdom until 1956. It has its unique style of celebrating Diwali. As the sun sets, coloured diyas from a few numbers to hundreds are decked in and around each house. Diyas burns all through the night, staying true to a timeless tradition. The city lights up to make the sight genuinely unforgettable to behold. A view from above will seem as if a thousand stars have descended upon earth. Furthermore, fireworks add value to increase the brilliance of the evening time.



Though most cities in Karnataka own up to its extravagant Diwali party, Bangalore indeed demonstrates that it commemorates Diwali like no other. It is known to be the most populated and most prosperous cities in Karnataka. Bangalore showcases diverse culture with people from all ethnicity, celebrate the festival of lights. Sometimes the city gets too loud and theatrical with firecrackers and themed pandals, perhaps, making it an extraordinary place to celebrate Diwali. With a rich and excellent backdrop, Bangalore represents Diwali, like no other city in India.



Coorg is a pleasant city with a great backdrop that celebrates a quiet Diwali without pollution or many fireworks. Diwali is celebrated with less pomp in the mountain city, as it is one of the least populated places in Karnataka. Panoramic green spreads, cloud touching hills, authentic local food, and traditional Coorgie dance make Diwali a festival of fun and togetherness in Coorg. Escape to Coorg, to have a peaceful Diwali.

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