» »Bullet Baba Temple: A Royal Enfield Worshipped!

Bullet Baba Temple: A Royal Enfield Worshipped!

By Siji

You would've heard of temples with deities like animals and human beings are worshipped. Here's an interesting temple where a Royal Enfield bullet is worshipped!

This temple is located in Rajasthan. The temple is known as Om Banna or the Bullet Baba temple. The exact location of the temple is in Chotila, a small village around 50 km away from the city of Jodhpur.

Photo Courtesy: Sentiments777

A deity that saves you from road accidents...!

The strange belief of the residents in the village is that the motorcycle deity would save them from all accidents that could happen while driving. For the same reason, drivers, often bearing liquor, turn up to the temple before starting their journey so that they reach their destination safe.

Photo Courtesy: Sentiments777

As an offering to the deity, the devotees never forget to blow horns of their respective vehicles, while they pass by the temple during their road trips. Strange as it may sound, there is also a belief that a vehicle that passes by without bowing the horn is likely to meet with an accident before reaching its destination.

The Hidden Mystery of the Bike

The bike belonged to Om Singh Rathore, who was a part of an influential family of Chotila. In a road accident in 1988, Om Singh rode the bike into a tree, where he dies on the spot. The bike falls into a ditch from where the local police brings it to the police station.

Now here lies the mystery. The next morning the bike, which was kept in the police station the previous day, was found at the accident spot. Even when the fuel tank was emptied and the bike was locked and chained, it somehow reached the accident spot before dawn.

Mystery Behind Bullet Baba Temple!

Photo Courtesy: Sentiments777

Sensing something mysterious about the bike, the police decides to hand over the bike to the family of Om Singh. The family then sold the bike to a person from Gujarat, who took the bike to his state. Interestingly, the bike started itself from Gujarat and was found at the accident spot.

These series of incidents made people believe that the bike possesses supernatural and miraculous powers. In 1991, the residents of the village set up a temple to worship the bike, after which the area once a cattle grazing field, was transformed into a holy shrine which saw increase of devotees year by year.

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