» »Remembering the Tales of Bhujia Fort in Bhuj!

Remembering the Tales of Bhujia Fort in Bhuj!

By Akshatha Vinayak

The provincial kingdoms of India are the main reason for the existence of several palaces and forts across the country. Some structures have challenged the time and stand with all grandeur while many have depleted over the years. Now let us go to one such ruined yet charming Bhujiya Fort in the outskirts of Bhuj in Kutch region.

Bhujia Fort in Bhuj

Bhujia Fort Entrance
Photo Courtesy: Bhargavinf

Today, Bhujia Fort is known for the Bhujang Nag Temple. However, most of the fortress is ruined as it is not maintained for some years.

History of Bhujiya Fort

The ruler of Kutch Kingdom wanted a defence fort to ward of the Mughals, Rajputs and Sindh rulers. So, Rao Godji I built this majestic hill fort during 1700 -1800 AD to keep an eye on the enemies. It was constructed to protect the capital of Bhuj from the invaders.

Bhujia Fort in Bhuj

Bhujia Hill
Photo Courtesy: Bhargavinf

It was a time when rulers searched for strategic defence locations.Well, like any other forts, Bhujia Fort was attacked. As per the records, there have been six major battles in this fort.

Once Sher Buland Khan, a Mughal viceroy attacked Bhujia Fort. When the fight was almost getting over, some warriors from Nag Bawa tribe entered the fort and helped the Kutch ruler to win the battle against of Sher Buland Khan's army.

Bhujia Fort in Bhuj

Ancient Wall of Bhuj City
Photo Courtesy: Prabhat

Mythology of Bhujang Nag Temple

The legend says,Naga chieftains once ruled the region of Bhuj. In one of the worst battles, the last Naga chieftain, Bhujanga was killed. Later, the place where he lived came to be known as Bhujia Hill, and the surrounding town was named as Bhuj. Locals built a temple for Bhujanga which is now famous as Bhujang Nag Temple. From this time onwards, the locals greatly respect the Naga deities in this region.

Bhujia Fort in Bhuj

Bhujang Nag TempleBhuj
Photo Courtesy: Nizil Shah

Bhujia Fort came under the Indian Army after the Independence. However, they used the fort for some years for the military purposes. Later, it was abandoned as the Indian Army shifted its base to another place.

Attractions of Bhujia Fort

Bhujang Nag Temple is one of the prominent attractions in Bhujia Hill. It is said that Bhujang Nag is also the brother of the legendary character Sheshnag (Lord of snakes). Hence, special poojas are performed during the time of Nagara Panchami and also a fair is organised here.

Bhujia Fort in Bhuj

Sanctum of Bhujang Nag Temple
Photo Courtesy: Nizil Shah

How to Reach Bhuj

Bhuj is well-connected with all the major cities of Gujarat. It is around 330km from the capital Ahmedabad.

  • By Bus: Buses are available from all the major cities of Gujarat to reach Bhuj. You can also hire a cab or taxi from Ahmedabad.
  • By Train: Bhuj Railway Station is the nearest railway station
  • By Air: Bhuj has a domestic airport, but Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport is the main airport in Ahmedabad.

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