» »Hunting For The Best Breakfast Joints In Bangalore? Find It All Here!

Hunting For The Best Breakfast Joints In Bangalore? Find It All Here!

P.C: Brooke Lark

From the scrumptious Rava Dosas to the mouth-watering Idlis, Namma Bengaluru's culinary delights are generously seasoned with simplicity and delectable taste. Whether to start your day with morsels of morning chow or to brunch over a wholesome meal, Bangalore's iconic breakfast joints are there to take you through all the experiential aspects of travel, where you stumble upon some of the best breakfast joints of this bustling city.

Start your day with the savoury and hearty traditional delights, as we put together a list of our favourite breakfast joints in the city for you to check out. For travelling is all about garnering unique experiences to cherish and live for those little moments and experiences in retrospect.

And unsurprisingly, here is a comprehensive compilation of eateries where you can garner some finger-licking gastronomic experiences, which is assuredly going to unnerve and excite you all at once!

1. South Thindies

1. South Thindies

P.C: Scott Dexter

What if I were to tell you, that South Thindies in Basavanagudi serves a great variety of South Indian breakfast items that will tickle your taste buds and also make for a hearty savoury meal? Munch on the super crispy spice-filled hot dosas, where you should definitely try out the bread dosa, an in-house specialty.

Other hot favourites of the place would be Kerala parotta and the kesari bath with a sundry of choices among beverages from kokum sherbet to buttermilk. So, if you are struck by a longing for mouth-watering dosas, you now know where to find them!

Location: Basavanagudi
Must Try: Bread Dosa
Pocket Pinch: Rs. 200 for two

2. Shivam Snacks Corner

2. Shivam Snacks Corner

P.C: Frame Harirak

When the topic is of breakfast, how can we miss out on the most loved breakfast companion of the country that has been known to appease our hunger pangs in just two minutes? Yes! We are talking about the best place you can find your favourite breakfast chow with a twist.

Relish on some quirky and delish preparations of your favourite Maggi noodles at this lesser known breakfast joint in Bangalore, the Shivam Snacks Corner.

This breakfast joint is one of the most offbeat food points in Bangalore, and it serves Maggi with a mix of different combinations of veggies, spices, sauces and ingredients.

Indulge in this one gluttonous affair with Maggi variations like cheese onion Maggi, onion chilli butter Maggi, chicken Maggi, aloo cheese Maggi and several other kinds, and keep stuffing your tummy with your go-to breakfast chow.

Location: Chikkalaxmi Layout, Near Christ University.
Must Try: Chicken Maggi
Pocket Pinch: Rs. 200 for two

3. Sri Raghavendra Stores

3. Sri Raghavendra Stores

P.C: Harsha K R

Busy and bustling, the Sri Raghavendra Stores, a favourite among the locals, is a breakfast spot that has a host of gorge-worthy traditional South Indian delicacies to offer its patrons.

From fresh South Indian breakfast items like idli-vada and savige bath, this restaurant is sure to cast a spell on your taste buds. The idli-vada combo that gets served here is accompanied by a palatable and flavourful home-made coconut chutney.

Don't forget to try out the South India special 'filter kaapi' when in the restaurant. Satiate your hunger pangs with this major crowd puller breakfast joint of the area and thank us later.

Location: Near Malleshwaram Railway Station
Must Try: Idli-vada combo
Pocket Pinch: Rs.150 for two

4. Konark Vegetarian Restaurant

4. Konark Vegetarian Restaurant

P.C: Pixzolo Photography

The Konark Vegetarian Restaurant holds an outstanding stature as a popular breakfast joint in the city.

As one of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore, the Konark Vegetarian Restaurant is there to serve you with some delectable flavourful South Indian delicacies as well as with a wide variety of well-seasoned sandwiches, that are sure-fire going to make you want to come back, asking for more.

Quench your thirst with their assortment of beverages available in the store, from tea, coffee, milkshakes to some fulfilling fresh fruit juices.

Location: Stores located at Sree Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium Main Gate, Field Marshal Cariappa Road and Commercial Street.
Must Try: Set Dosa and Kesari Bath
Pocket Pinch: Rs. 800 for two

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