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10 Best Places To Celebrate New Year In India 2021!

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our lives and the way we celebrate festivals and occasions in the world. But, that doesn't mean you have to continue living your life within the four walls! You can travel; you can dig into some scrumptious food; you can shake a leg and you can chill, as long as you are taking basic precautions and safety measures to keep yourself and your loved ones away from trouble.

So, fret not! India is your venue, 2021 is your year! You deserve to celebrate the start of another year with a bang. And if you are wondering where to travel to have an amazing start to the new year 2021, look no further. Here are a few of the best places to celebrate New Year 2021 in India! Have a look!

1. Kerala


Kerala is one of the most-visited New Year destinations in India. Located amidst the rustic beauty and backwaters, the New Year parties here in Kerala are invigorating. Reserve a houseboat and fancy New Year eve in the backwaters of Alleppey. During New Year's eve, Kerala is a real appeal for beach enthusiasts.

2. Udaipur


Famous for its vibrant culture, Udaipur has its own style of celebration. You may not find plentiful nightlife affairs here, but you can rely on exciting events and parties that take place during New Year.

Many high-end retreats provide parties and in-house celebrations. Find numerous open-air performances around the city or fancy a boat ride during the night. Moreover, you can indulge in the best dining experience in any palace hotel during midnight for small celebrations and a royal styled New Year beginning.

3. Gokarna


Gokarna is more often projected as a pilgrimage spot. Though you can find many marvellous temples and uncommon ceremonies, this beach haven has an entirely new face for party lovers.

If you are looking for an ultimate year-end party, visit Gokarna! Fancy new blends, partake in dance parties and much more. Some resorts and beach hotels provide small parties for their guests. Beachside and pool parties are very prevalent in high-end retreats.

4. Gangtok


Gangtok, located in Sikkim, is a significant traveller destination in North-east India. This place is famous for its snow pursuits during the winter season. Tens of thousands visit Gangtok during December to experience the snow and the unique north-eastern parties. Gangtok is packed with pubs, and each pub has its own theme to celebrate New Year creatively. People in Gangtok mark Tibetan New Year at the end of January with unique Devil dance.

5. Andaman


Serene and beautiful, Andaman is another unique beach destination that allures millions every year. And During New Year's it transforms into a hub for wild parties and all-nighters! Andaman also offers numerous beautiful resorts and beaches. White sun-bleached beaches, azure sky, pristine surrounding and the sea makes this place an ideal getaway for New Year.

6. Goa


Goa, renowned for casino, beach, nightlife, and party, is a perfect hotspot for anyone who has raving and partying in their veins. This pint-sized state of India is packed with seashores; renowned for nighttime affairs. The rhythm and extravagance of these parties amplify during New Year's eve, and many retreats cater to in-house celebrations and poolside parties too.

There are a few cathedrals to visit here. If you are looking for a dreamy celebration, you have an option to choose from plenty of private parties or sail far away on a cruise to enjoy fireworks, when the ball drops.

7. Bangalore


Bangalore, well-known for its heritage sites, parties, shopping and wildlife, is the place where culture is valued as a part of life. Consequently, Bangalore takes every festivity to the most elevated level possible. The town is famous for serene affairs within resorts, and you can also find pub joints and party halls with inspiring themes and installations. Purchasing and shopping get more exciting during the holiday season. December and January, which fall amid winter season is the best time to tour the place to experience the natural beauties like sanctuaries, parks, lakes and others.

8. Mumbai


Mumbai, famous for its beaches, parties, and nightlife, is a city full of dreams. Mumbai has succeeded to link its culture to that of the Westward world. Many fancy spending the New Years in beach places, whereas some at pubs. Nevertheless, the parties will be moderate, but the enthusiasm and enjoyment are guaranteed. You can also visit the getaway of India at midnight to relish the fireworks that are shot up in the air, precisely when the ball drops.

Please make a reservation at the hotel's ere New Years', as millions flock into Mumbai, it would be a task to find accommodation on arrival. However, the nightlife during the festive season in Mumbai will be at its best, events will be welcoming with new styles, and most importantly, the streets will be filled with exotic relics.

9. Delhi


If you are a party animal, Delhi is the place to be! Several retreats, discos and pubs provide much-required entertainment expected. You can find several themed New Year parties in Delhi or attend art shows, performances, and take a stroll across the old heritage part of the city.

Going on a gastronomic walk through the famous food streets and partying, is the most partaken activity in Delhi during holidays. If you are up for an unconventional type of celebration, visit Red Fort at midnight. In addition to that, you can find numerous stalls, displays and a buffet throughout the city to shop, wine and dine. During the freezing winters, Delhi is the city centre of affairs in India.

10. Kasol


This quaint town is for those night-owls, who love all-nighters. You can find numerous villages where hippies observe New Year in style. You can stroll around the hamlets, take part in the ceremony and enjoy certain adventure activities to lighten up the mood.

Kasol, also known as hippies paradise, is a booming tourist destination for the youngsters. The picturesque beauty and raving scenes in this hill-station make it among the most desirable places to visit during the New Year. Visit Kasol & Tosh New Year's Eve Celebration, Parvati Shangri-La Festival and Kasol Music Festival.

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