» »At This Brahma Baba Temple Devotees Offer Clocks

At This Brahma Baba Temple Devotees Offer Clocks

There are innumerable places in India that can leave every visitor stunned and awestruck. Some are known for their bizarre locations, several for their unusual spots and a very few of them are popular for their strange temples. Jaunpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh is one such place where you can come across a strange temple which runs off the track and follows unconventional ideas. Ever heard of any temple before where people come to provide their god with clocks in the name of an offering? Certainly not. If you would love to witness such an unusual temple, then do visit Brahma Baba Temple in Jaunpur. Read on to know more about the temple, its history, nearby attractions and how to reach it.

The History And Formation Of The Temple

Located in the district of Jaunpur, Brahma Baba Temple is a small temple which is believed to have been established several decades ago by a local person and is popular for following the tradition of offering clocks to the god. The temple is open to people of all castes, creeds and religions and is under the care of locals.

You can find hundreds of clocks hanging on the tree of the temple. Despite the fact that the temple has no priest and is built in an open area, there have been no instances of people stealing clocks or other possessions. Hundreds of devotees come here every month with a wish and once their wishes are fulfilled they offer a clock to the temple.

The tradition of offering clocks dates back to 30 years. As per local legends, it is believed that when a man, who came to the temple with a desire of becoming a driver, got his wish fulfilled, he offered a clock to the temple. Since then, people have been following this ritual. Every time a wish is fulfilled, a clock is added to the branches of the temple tree.

Brahma Baba Temple

Why You Should Visit The Temple

Wouldn't you love to capture a sight of this strange temple? How about getting yourself to this unusual temple and getting your wishes fulfilled? If you have never been to such places where you can find yourself astonished to the core, then you must plan a tour of Brahma Baba Temple. After all, you cannot find such spots everywhere in the country.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Jaunpur is an ancient settlement, and hence there are several other places here which will certainly interest you, ranging from mosques to historical monuments. These tourist attractions in Jaunpur include Atala Masjid, Shahi Bridge, Jama Masjid, Shankar Mandir and Chandrika Devi Dham.

Jaunpur is also famous for producing several local products which have gained popularity all over the region. The list includes imarti, a sweet dish, perfumes and Jaunpuri radish, that has a length of more than 4 ft.

Best Time To Visit Brahma Baba Temple

The region in and around the temple experiences an extreme type of climate, and hence the summers are hot here. The best time to visit the temple is from October until the end of February. During this period, the climate is pleasant and cool, thereby, letting visitors roam around comfortably. However, for curious tourists and locals, it is a year-round destination.

How To Reach Jaunpur

By Air: The nearest airport to Jaunpur is located in Varanasi at a distance of about 40 km. Once you have reached the airport, you can either hire a cab or catch a direct bus to Jaunpur. It will take you an approximate time of 1 h to reach your destination from the airport.

By Rail: Jaunpur is well connected to other cities and towns by rail. Hence, you can catch a direct train to Jaunpur railway station.

By Road: Jaunpur has a good road connectivity and is easily accessible by road. You can either catch a direct bus or hire a cab to reach Jaunpur.

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