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Goa Tourism - Ancient Forts

Written By: Manoj

Goa, the land of the sun, sand and surf, is a major tourist destination for travellers all over the world. The many pristine beaches here attract crowds in large numbers, who enjoy the beauty of nature and relax themselves at Goa.

Also, it is one of the most happening places in India as many beach parties are organised here throughout the year. There is no dearth of travellers in the region at all times of the year.

Of the many attractions that make Goa a major tourist hub, mention must be made of the forts that still stand here.

Most of them where built by the Portuguese who had settled in Goa and made it their town. Even today you will see the Portuguese culture is still alive, and many of the buildings and structures have a distinct Portuguese style of architecture.

These forts once safeguarded the foreigners but today are mere reminders of a forgotten past. A visit to these forts is a must for all those traveling to Goa.

Chapora Fort

The Chapora Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1617 to protect their territory from invaders. The fort that now lies in ruins shows the struggle of many battles before it finally gave way.

Tourists head to the fort to explore it and see the battle scars that are visible to this day on the walls of the fort.

Chapora Fort

Ruins of Chapora Fort.
Photo Courtesy: Catchuec

Aguada Fort

The Aguada Fort that was built by the Portuguese to protect themselves from the Dutch invaders. The fort also helped protect them from the Marathas who would occasionally attack them.

A unique feature of the fort is its lighthouse that offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian sea and the nearby beaches. Tourists coming here can take a tour inside the fort and also go shopping in the flea market that is set up right outside it.

Aguada Fort

Scenic view of Aguada Fort.
Photo Courtesy: Nanasur

Reis Magos Fort

For those who love history and love to visit historical sites, a trip to the Reis Magos Fort in Goa is a must. Built in 1551 by Sultan Adil Shah the now ruined fort speaks a lot about its glorious past.

The fort was taken over by the Portuguese in the year 1760 from the Sultan, and they used it as a safe-house for protecting their women and children during war.

Also, being located very close to the Mandovi river it gave them a clear view of the approaching ships. It still attracts a large number of tourists who are mesmerised by its grandeur.

Reis Magos Fort

The watchtower and a canon at Reis Magos Fort
Photo Courtesy: Hephail

Tiracol Fort

The Tiracol Fort has seen it all and it truly is difficult to list the many battles that have taken place here! The Tiracol Fort was built by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, a Maharashtrian king, who was trying to make inroads into Goa.

Unfortunately for him the fort was run over by the Portuguese who added more battlements here and made it formidable. Later, the fort was used by the freedom fighters as a base camp to uproot the colonial rule.

A unique feature of the fort is that it is located in one of the less explored regions of Goa and hence has very few visitors. It is an ideal place to head to for a picnic with your family and enjoy the tranquility of nature here.

Tiracol Fort

A war memorial for the freedom fighters at Tiracol Fort.
Photo Courtesy: Mvkulkarni23

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