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11 Important Places of Modern India Associated with the Epic Mahabharata

By Brunda Nagaraj

The Great Indian epic Mahabharata has more than a million tales to boast about. People from different places had assembled on the land of Kurukshetra and participated in the Dharma Yuddha (A war for Justice. As the Panchajanya and Devdutta (the sacred conch of Lord Krishna and Arjuna)alarmed the Kauravas their defeat, the war was bound to happen. A lot of places are connected to this great epic and taking a tour around these places will take you back to the bygone era of the great Kuru clan.

King Dhritarashtra gets married to the noble lady Gandhari and King Pandu gets his two wives Kunti and Madri. While Gandhari is the mother of a 100 children, The Kauravas; Kunti and Madri raises their five children, The Pandavas.

Let's take a peek at the 11 important places of modern India associated with the epic Mahabharata!

Ujjanak - The Archery Lessons were taught here


Jyotirlingas in the city of Ujjainak PC : Nagarji

Located in the district of Nainital, Ujjanak is the place where the children of Kuru clan mastered the art of archery under the guidance of their teacher Dronacharya. The Bhimashankar temple found in this place is one of the Jyotirlingas and it is said that the icon of Lord Shiva was installed by Bhima himself under the instructions of his teacher Guru Drona.

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Banganga - Place where Pitamaha quenches his thirst



As the commander in chief of the Kauravas, Sri Bhishmacharya fell on the bed of arrows on the 10th day of the war, Arjuna shoots an arrow straight into the ground from where Ganga sprang up helping Partha to quench the thirst of his great grand father. BanGanga is a sacred place and it is located at a distance of 3km from Kurukshetra.

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Kurukshetra - The final War - Mahabharata


A scene from the war in the Krishna Museum PC: Haryana Tourism

Located in the city of Ambala of Haryana state, this is the place where the epic war Mahabharata was fought for 18 continuous days leaving everyone stunned. This place speaks about the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Dharma. It is said that Brahma had once performed a ritual here and hence there is a pond called Brahma Sarovar, devotees flock in to this pond to take a holy dip during Solar eclipse.

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Hastinapur - The Glorious Capital City!


Sanjeev Kohli

Hastinapur, located in the city of Meerut in the state of Uttar Pradesh was the capital city of the Kuru clan. A place that has celebrated the glorious times and also has mourned for the misdeeds, a place that again became the grand capital of the Pandavas once the Mahabharata war got over. Hastinapur has been one of the major pilgrim sites in India.

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Varnavat - The concept of wax architecture


The image of Lakshagrah

Well, we get to see a lot of wax museums these days; but isn't it amazing to know that this concept was used long back, yep! Lakshagraha Varnavat is a place located in Handia of Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the place where the wax house for Pandavas was built by Duryodhana. This place is visited by a lot of travellers and tourists. You would get to see the statue of Kunti in this place during your visit.

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Panchal - The place of the beautiful Draupadi


PC : Avantiputra : The Map of Panchala Desha

She was born to divide the two families, she was born to keep the unity of the five Pandava brothers intact, she was born as a youth and emerged from fire. Draupadi, daughter of the king of Drupada of Panchala kingdom. Panchala is situated between the River Chamba and Himalayas in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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Indraprastha - The capital city of Pandavas


Purana Quila on the land of Indraprastha PC : Varun Shivkapur

This place is located in New Delhi, the capital city today was also a capital city of the Pandavas then. It is said that the Khandavprasta (forest) was destroyed by Pandavas on which the Indraprastha stood in pride. It is said that the land of Indraprastha then is where the majestic Purana Qila stands today.

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Vrindavan - The place of the KING-MAKER - Lord Krishna



Located at a distance on 10km from Mathura in the state Uttar Pradesh is the beautiful Vrindavan. This is the place where Krishna spent most of his childhood days playing with the beautiful girls (Gopis). This place is a major pilgrim site now and it has some of the beautiful temples dedicated to Krishna and Radha.

Beautiful place of Vrindavan

Gokul - Where the little Krishna grew up!


Hidden Macy

At a distance of 15km from Mathura is the amazing place of Gokul. This is the place which is said to have protected Krishna from the evil clutches of his maternal Uncle Kans. There is a temple in Gokul and you may also visit the Prem Mandir in Vrindavan.

Temples of Vrindavan

Barsana - Place of the unconditional lover - Radha


Shrine of Radha Rani Shriji at Barsana

Barsana is situated in the city of Mathura. Legends say that Lord Krishna, disguised as a peacock; danced here to win the heart of his eternal lover Radha. There is a shrine dedicated to Radha Krishna with the name Radha rani Shriji temple and a lot of devotees flock to this temple during the Lathmor celebrations.

Celebrations of Lathmor in Barsana

Angadesh - Province ruled by the unsung hero - Karna



Angadesh, also known as the Malini Nagari in the Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh was ruled by Karna as throned by his friend Duryodhana. This place is one of the Shakti Peethas as Sati's right hand had fallen here and a temple, Khaira Bhawani is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and has been one of the famous pilgrim places of India.

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As the epic goes, the list also goes on and on and we have listed the most important places related to the great Kurukshetra - Read and leave the feedback for us to write more of what you want!

Writer signing off for today!

Happy travelling :)

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