» »10 Things Not To Do in Goa!

10 Things Not To Do in Goa!

By Siji Ram

Goa is one of the most alluring travel destinations in India. With its sexy beaches and cheap alcohol, it attracts tourists across the globe. There are some things that need to be kept in mind while travelling to gorgeous Goa. Let's take a look at top 10 things not to do in Goa!

1. Taking a random taxi

When you're new in a city, it is always better to not trust everyone. Not all autos or taxis in Goa run on meters, hence it is better to choose one that is reliable, preferably a prepaid vehicle.

2. Taking photos of tourists without their permission

Though you're in a new place and none there might know you, you may get into trouble if caught. Respect them and stay away from the behind-the-bars treatment.

Taking photographs without their permission

Taking photos of tourists without their permission is an offence!

Photo Courtesy: nevil zaveri

3. Staring at strangers

How good would you feel when someone stares at you? Yes, it is awkward for everyone, not just you. Don't drool at women as if they're from a different planet. You may end up in bad shape.

4. Expect a royal treatment at a shack

You're choosing to go for a shack only because you don't want to spend a lot. The comfort and amenities of a shack will also be nothing compared to a 5-star hotel you had visited!

5. Littering and spoiling the place

The beaches are well maintained. Be careful, do not spoil the beauty of the place by littering. It would be no fun paying a huge fine for being a tourist.

6. Overdrinking

Just because you get something cheap, you needn't hog on it. Drink, but not overdrink. Never attempt driving while you're drunk.

Sleeping on the beach

Sleeping on the beach is not a good idea

Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

7. Sleep on the beach

Sleeping on the beach listening to the waves may sound romantic, but you may end up being woken up by crabs in the middle of the night. Your room is however better than any beach here.

8. Wearing expensive jewellery

You're not here to attend a wedding. Have this in mind and don't wear expensive jewellery here unless you would want to be looted of your belongings.


Be careful when you get tattoo done

Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

9. Trying watersports without an instructor

It is good to get adventurous, but if you don't know any watersport, it is not advised to try it out without proper guidance.

10. Choose a safe tattoo wala

Not all who do tattooing are authentic and reliable here. Please select a good place to do it, rather than going for the temporary tattooing done by many at the beaches.

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