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10 Offbeat Destinations for Travel with Friends

By Anusha

Memories made with friends truly last a lifetime! People fondly remember their childhood friends and the mischief that only children can pull off. Such cherished memories are rivalled only by those made travelling with friends. Be it from college or work, travelling with buddies is an experience that will stay with you forever. A strange oneness and comradeship takes over, even when the journey sees unexpected hardships, travelling with your companions make them small hurdles that are to be laughed at later!

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

India has many places that are best explored with friends. Make a journey of your lifetime with your buddies to these destinations that provide everything from adventure to peace and quiet. Here is a list of top 10 travel destinations that are journeys best made as a group of friends!

1. Roopkund Lake

It is also called the Mystery Lake. That's a good start for travelling with friends and few will say no when you ask them to join you on such journey! The lake situated in the remote regions of Uttarakhand has a dark past. It has many skeletons that can be seen in the lake and surrounding areas when the snow melts. They date back to over 1,200 years, and it is a great mystery as to who they really were and why they died here. We promise; this is one trip you will come back from with enough tales to regale for life!

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

Photo Courtesy: Djds4rce

2. The Phugtal Monastery

The beautiful monastery built like a honeycomb against the rock facade of the mountain merges into the background quite seamlessly. The remote location is Zanskar means there is no motorable road to the monastery. You and your friends can take quite the adventurous trek up to the temple.

3. Sakleshpur Trek

Popular as the trek across the railway tracks, Sakleshpur Trek is a great travel idea for friends. On this trek, the adage ' the more the merrier' surely applies. The track starting at Kukke Subramaniam and heading towards Sakleshpur will take you through 58 tunnels, 109 bridges and nearly 25 waterfalls. Sounds amazing doesn't it? And the best deal, post-monsoon season starting October is the best time for the trek!

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

Photo Courtesy: Rahul Nair

4. Frozen River Trek

Who said you cannot travel to Ladakh in the winters? But if you are wondering about the roads that are closed, they are also responsible for making way for the most thrilling journey of your life; a trek across the frozen Zanskar River that connects Zanskar Valley to Leh in the winters. The beauty you shall see here and the risks you collectively take will make you look at life rather differently.

5. Orchha

Situated across the Betwa River in Madhya Pradesh is the timeless beauty of Orchha. Founded in the 15th century, the town is a window into the past. Forts, palaces, temples all whisper stories of history, of kingdoms and battles. A great place to be explored with friends! However, beware of the bees and wasps that inhabit the lesser known ruins.

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

Photo Courtesy: Dennis Jarvis

6. Vihigaon Falls

You might wonder what a small village such as Vihigaon in Thane can offer a bunch of friends. In one word, adventure! The beautiful waterfall is best-visited after the monsoons, when the water is rushing down in full force. The activities such as water-rappelling are sure to set your adrenaline pumping. Head to Vihigaon for a journey of unforgettable fun with friends.

7. Rann of Kutch

Among the least explored destinations of India is the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The vast stretch of salt marshland in the Thar Desert is a feast for the eyes. In today's overcrowded and polluted world, the vast emptiness comes as a welcome respite. Such stark beauty is best-enjoyed with friends. Be ready for some introspection. You can also have fun with activities such as flying kites!

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

Photo Courtesy: Anurag Agnihotri

8. Bhangarh

A place that combines horror, suspense and adventure is the village of Bhangarh in Alwar, Rajasthan. The village that has legends believing it to be cursed is also a popular haunt for ghosts! The palace here has a forlorn look, even when tourists are seen in the vicinity. Many feel uneasy and spooked while visiting the palace and the surrounding areas. In fact, the government has prohibited anyone from staying here overnight due to the supposed supernatural activities that take place in and around the palace. Packing your bags already!?

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

Photo Courtesy: A Frequent Traveller

9. Gokarna

Yes, you read that right, we bet you were expecting Goa! But Gokarna is paradise waiting to be explored, and your friends will be more than happy to do so. Climb the small green hills and go trekking for distances along the beach. Go kayaking in the sea waters or just a swim. Gokarna showcases the lost glory of a younger Goa.

10 Destinations for Travel with Friends

Photo Courtesy: Jo Kent

10. Caves of Meghalaya

What is better than exploring the dark, mysterious caves of Meghalaya with friends. Jaintia Hills is known to have over 500 natural caves. The longest cave in the region called Liat Prah, and the deepest cave called Synrang Pamiang are located here and attract cave explorers from the world over. Even more exciting is that new caves are being discovered every other day!

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