Offbeat Destinations One Must Explore Vellore Tamil Nadu

Offbeat Places In Vellore That Make It A Wonderful Family Destination

PC- Maydinaselvan Durairaj The city with a rich past and age-old culture and the city of temples and ancient sites, Vellore is an important tourist destination in the state of Tamil Nadu. Over a period of time, it has emerged as an ...
Holy Temples In Vellore That Should Not Be Ignored

Holy Temples In Vellore That Should Not Be Ignored

PC- Ag1707 Vellore is one of the largest districts in Tamil Nadu and is famous amongst tourists for its historical monuments and ancient sites. Hence, it has a significant place in the Indian history. With its history dating back to the period ...
Chennai To Vellore An Exceptional Journey With Unforgettable Spots

Chennai To Vellore – An Exceptional Journey With Unforgettable Spots

Chennai is home to many ancient cities with rich culture and heritage. In each and every lane of these cities, you can find traces of its past. Forts dating to before Christ's period to temples with their age-old history, everything deserves ...
Jalakandeshwarar Temple In Vellore

A Visit To Jalakandeshwarar Temple In Vellore

Isn't it interesting to know how some legends are related to the creation of the temples? Here is one such legend which resulted in the construction of Jalakandeshwarar Temple in Vellore. 'Jalam' in Tamil language means water and 'eshwarar' means Lord ...
Golden Temple In Vellore

Golden Temple in Vellore: The Tales of Gold and Art

India has a strong affinity towards gold; it is a metal which is the sign of prosperity and wealth in the country. From gold jewellery to the golden idols everything gets a lot of attention. Isn't it amazing to know that ...
Famous Lakshmi Temples India

Varamahalakshmi Festival 2020: Famous Lakshmi Temples In India

Goddess Lakshmi is one of the prime goddesses for Hindus; there are many temples dedicated to various forms of goddess Lakshmi in India. She is worshipped in different forms and incarnations all over the country. Mainly, Lakshmi is known as the ...
Yelagiri Hill Station Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri: A Peaceful Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri is a hill station which is still progressing to be a popular destination under Tamil Nadu tourism. It is located in Vellore district near Krishnagiri; around 167km from Bangalore. Yelagiri is full of green valleys, it is surrounded by Swamimalai ...
Weekend Getaways From Chennai

6 Weekend Getaways from Chennai

A trip on a weekend is always a stress-buster and rejuvenating.  Weekend getaways from Chennai are many, in fact the city itself has different places. Yet, broaden your choices and visit other places near Chennai. Planning a short trip is never ...
Weekend Getaways Around Vizag

Weekend Getaways Around Vizag

Vizag also known as Vishakapatnam is a major tourist hub. The second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, it is technically is an industrial city. What invites travellers here are the sandy beaches along its coastline and a couple of hill stations ...
Weekend Getaways Around Chennai

8 Weekend Getaways Around Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a major metropolitan as well as cosmopolitan city that is situated on the Coromandel Coast. It is one of the most important cities in south India as well as in the country in terms ...
Places Visit Vellore Tamil Nadu

Travel to the Fortified City of Vellore

The city of Vellore is generally regarded as a transit hub for travellers. This city has a quiet past and is not considered as a major tourist hub and is thus less explored. Those who travel through this city are smitten ...
Historical Forts Tamilnadu

Historical Forts of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu which is known for its cultural and architectural heritage houses some of oldest historical forts known to human beings. The rich artistic and architectural heritage of Tamil Nadu makes it an ideal destination for those who love history. ...

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