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Unexplored Places

Offbeat Tourist Places Maharashtra

Offbeat Tourist Places in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a land of charm and beauty that lies close to the Arabian Sea. With its lush greenery and the beautiful beaches, the state has captured hearts of tourists and travellers alike. Other attractions of Maharashtra include the famous cities ...
Guhagar In Maharashtra

Mangoes on the Beach Land: Enter the Virgin Guhagar in Maharashtra

Sometimes it is exasperating to see a startling crowd in certain tourist destinations. One should never choose a popular place during the peak seasons. Instead it is good to find an untouched place to feel the solace. Here is one such ...
Top Unexplored Places Near Bengaluru Weekend Exploration

Top Unexplored Places Near Bengaluru For Weekend Exploration

Bengaluru, earlier called as Bangalore, is known for its innumerous tourist attractions. Some of the places you can visit in the city are the Bangalore Palace, Kempfort Shiva Temple, Lal Bagh and Tipu Sultan Fort among the rest. There are many ...
Unique Marine Parks In India

Did You Know About Marine Parks in India ?!

A marine park is a protected sea or a lake area which consists of many species of marine life. Such marine parks are usually found in the coastal areas.There are 6 established marine national parks in India. These are the  protected reserves and ...
Unexplored Destinations Himachal Pradesh

6 Unexplored Destinations in Himachal Pradesh You Better Know!

The regions of the Indian Himalayas are mystic beauties. The mountainous landscapes and fluctuating weather adds more charm to these places. A tour around some of the unexplored destinations will expose you to the pristine and untouched environment in Himachal Pradesh. ...
Offbeat Places Near Mumbai

7 Offbeat Places Near Mumbai For Weekend Travel

You should make use of weekend and explore some lesser known places! These offbeat places near the city of Mumbai are ideal for such trips. There are many ghats and beaches that are to be visited. The places are untouched from ...
Offbeat Destinations In Karnataka

10 Offbeat Destinations in Karnataka

The moment we start planning a trip, we opt for the famous places. Sometimes opting for the lesser known attractions gives new experiences. Here are some offbeat destinations in Karnataka you should visit! The state is known for popular places like ...
Unexplored Hill Stations In Kerala

Explore the Unexplored Hill Stations in Kerala

Kerala is known for tourism and its places are famous around the globe; there are various enchanting hill stations that attract visitors in all seasons.The nature bounty has blessed this state with innumerable tourist attractions. A tour around some of the ...
Nelliyampathy Hill Station Kerala

Nelliyampathy : An Untouched Haven in Kerala

The bounty of nature is a blessing to Kerala: its beaches, hill stations, wildlife reserves, back waters, etc. just attracts tourists around the world. People can't have a calming experience when the places are too crowded, hence it is better to ...
Places Visit Sindhudurg Maharashtra

Offbeat Travel in Sindhudurg of Maharashtra

Sindhudurg district has been named after Sindhudurg Fort in Malvan town of Maharashtra. The Arabian sea forms the West Coast and the Western Ghats to the East of this district. Sindhudurg with the coastal line (Konkan region), the Sahyadri ranges and ...
Island Hopping Andaman Islands

Hop Around the Islands in Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best known for coral reefs and beautiful beaches. It is also an important historical place because it was a prominent British colony. Cellular Jail in Port Blair held many Indian freedom fighters as prisoners. Since the land was ...
Hesaraghatta Grasslands Weekend Getaway Near Bangalore

Hesaraghatta Grasslands – A Weekend Getaway near Bangalore

Hesaraghatta Grasslands is one of the surviving grasslands around Bangalore. Situated near Hesaraghatta lake, this scenic landscape is a treat for the eyes. Away from the city, you get to enjoy the fresh air and its green cover. It makes a ...

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