Uae Expands 10 Year Residency Golden Visa Eligibility

UAE Expands 10 Year Residency Golden Visa Eligibility

The United Arab Emirates will extend its "golden" Visa system - which grants 10-year residency in the Gulf state - to some professionals, specific degree-holders and others, the UAE's vice president said on Sunday. Foreigners in the UAE usually have renewable ...
Best Places To Visit In Assam In September

Best Places To Visit In Assam In September

Nothing could be a more suitable choice for an Autumn vacation in India than vibrant Assam! From observing the most happening festivities to laying freely on the lush rolling hills all day, everything happens on a higher level in the land ...
Best Places To Visit In Goa In September

10 Best Places To Visit In Goa In September

A pint-sized state - Goa, is gifted with pristine seashores, fascinating water villas on idyllic locations, lively locals and their cultural ethos. There are many surreal hotspots in Goa, and together they offer a mix of outlandish beach wonders and spine-chilling ...
Flight Tickets Booked During March 3 To May 23 To Be Fully Refunded Dgca To Supreme Court

Flight Tickets Booked During March 3 To May 23 To Be Fully Refunded

Handing out partial remission to air passengers, the Centre on Sunday asked airlines to fully refund airfares to passengers who had booked tickets during the lockdown period i.e., from March 3 to May 23 for travel during the said period. In ...
Covid 19 Travelling Rules New Do S And Dont S For Flights And Trains

COVID-19 Travelling Rules: New Do’s And Dont’s For Flights And Trains

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) recently declared fresh guidelines for the phased reopening of several activities across the country and they come into force from today onwards i.e., September 1. Under these norms, entitled as 'Unlock 4.0', Metro Rail services ...
Post Lockdown Travel List Hotspots In Spain

Post Lockdown Travel List: Hotspots In Spain

Spain, indeed, is a land of wonder that endears itself to all. Be it its historical and cultural extravaganza, mesmerizing appeal, a plethora of interesting festivals, or the affable locals - the most popular cities in Spain are sure to amaze ...
Spain To Reopen To Tourists From July

Spain To Welcome Tourists From July 1 With No Quarantine

The coronavirus has overwhelmed economies around the world and meddled with life in ways that were inconceivable just a few months ago. Consequently, millions of people are uncertain and also are desperate to get back to normal life during coronavirus pandemic. Paying ...
Places To Visit In June In North India

10 Best Places To Visit In North India In June

June is that month in the year when the country is immersed in fresh drizzles, and there is ample greenery all around. Moreover, June offers much-needed respite from the relentless summer heat. The appeal of these beautiful destinations is enhanced with ...
Places To Visit In Kerala In June

10 Best Places To Visit In Kerala In June

Kerala, popularly known as "God's Own Country", is undoubtledly a year-round destination. But, this verdant haven of most beautiful sights, lush plantations and scenic locations gets converted into a place of an altogether different charm in June. Moreover, Indian monsoons have ...
Effect Of The Lockdown On Tourist Destinations

The Impact Of The Lockdown On Global Tourism

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed the tourism industry under immense financial strain. What has unfolded around the world in the past couple of months is unprecedented. In this time of uncertainty, all industries are reeling but it is the tourism and ...
Travel Movies To Watch During The Coronavirus Lockdown

9 Awesome Travel Movies To Watch During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Whether you are working from home or just relaxing, it is important to stay home, practice social distancing, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the COVID-19 crisis. However, it doesn't mean you drop your cinematic and travel experience. ...
Future Of The Travel Industry Post Covid 19 Pandemic

What Does The Future Hold For The Travel Industry?

As global lockdown has created an economic instability, the COVID-19 pandemic has become an ordeal for business sectors across the world; especially for the travel industry. Therefore it's difficult to envision what the travel industry will look like when it ultimately ...

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