Ikkeri Karnataka Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

Ever Tried Unearthing The Legendary Past Of Ikkeri In Karnataka?

PC- Amitra123 Shimoga is a beautiful district in the state of Karnataka and is known for the charming and immensely popular Jog Falls. However, there is a lot more to be witnessed within its boundaries. Apart from this famous falls, it has ...
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple An Ancient Wonder Of Bhadravati In Karnataka

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple – An Ancient Wonder Of Bhadravati In Karnataka

PC- Dineshkannambadi An urban centre in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, Bhadravati is a beautiful city on the banks of Bhadra river and is known for its age-old history and culture. As per local legends, this industrial town is believed to have ...
Palaces In Karnataka Which Definitely Deserve More Attention

Palaces In Karnataka Which Definitely Deserve More Attention

Karnataka is the land of rich history, culture, heritage and biodiversity. In other words, this wonderful state of India is a complete package for each and every kind of traveller. Be it regarding natural beauty, historical charm and modern masterpieces, Karnataka ...
Bengaluru To Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary A Chirpy Ride

Bengaluru To Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary – A Chirpy Ride!

Hemmed by dense forests on one end and river Tunga on the other, lies a small island of the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary. This petite landmass has an area of 1.14 acres. If nature photography fascinates you, then this place will drag ...
Bangalore To Thirthahalli The Land Of Legends

Bangalore To Thirthahalli, The Land Of Legends

Thirthahalli is a small town located in the district of Shimoga in Karnataka. Enclosed by dense forests of Western Ghats, Thirthahalli is situated at a height of 591 metres above the sea level. It is situated on the banks of river ...
Shimoga An Enchanting Gateway To The Western Ghats

Shimoga: An Enchanting Gateway To The Western Ghats

Shimoga, officially renamed as Shivamogga is situated in the central part of Karnataka. It is known as the Rice Bowl of Karnataka. Shiva-mogga literally means the Face of Shiva. Shimoga is the gateway for the Western Ghats from Karnataka, and hence ...
Gudavi Bird Sanctuary In Soraba

All You Need To Know About Gudavi Bird Sanctuary In Soraba

It is the human life which is chaotic and disturbing! Just look around the animal world and you will see such peace all around, which is why we always love the ambience of wildlife destinations and sanctuaries. Here is one such ...
Sakrebailu Elephant Camp In Shimoga

A Day With Elephants: Sakrebailu Elephant Camp In Shimoga

The importance that elephants hold in the history of India is huge. Most history and mythological texts describe the participation of elephants in wars and also as a divine presence. Hence, there is always a special aura concerning the elephants. That ...
Kundadri Hill In Shimoga

Just You and Nature at Kundadri Hill in Shimoga

Itseems as if the word 'peace' has become so rare in these days. All are caught up in the busy routine lives that they hardly know what it means to be calm and composed! Of course, all we need is a ...
Famous Devi Temples In Karnataka

Best of 2016: 9 Famous Devi Temples in Karnataka

In Hinduism, a special importance is given to goddesses. The word 'Shakhti' which indicates 'ultimate power' is associated with goddesses. In India, goddesses are also equally revered like gods. Perhaps, considered even more fearful than the male gods. Goddess is said ...
Top Waterfalls In South India

A Mesmerising Photo-Tour: 12 Top Waterfalls in South India

Indian movies have a big role in popularising waterfalls! In fact, they have made it so romantic that we would love to pull out a stunt like that. Aishwarya Rai dancing in Athirappilly Falls, Prabhas jumping over waterfalls in Baahubali film, ...
Rishyasringa Temple Near Sringeri

Do You Know How Sringeri Got its Name?

We all know about Sringeri but unaware about the legends behind its creation. So, let us head to Rishyasringa Temple near Sringeri to know about the legends that made this a famous place. Rishyasringa Temple is located at the village named ...

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