North America

Copper Canyon Location Facts History Mexico

Copper Canyon: Mexican Made

Source The railway journey up into the high mountains of Mexico's backbone seems stupendous enough. On its ascent towards the Copper Canyon, the train swings round the hairpin bend and crosses bridges raised high above the ground. It plunges into the ...
Glacier Bay Location Facts History Alaska Usa

Glacier Bay: The Decaying Mountain Range

Every summer's day in Glacier Bay resounds to the crash and splash of falling masses of ice, some the size of buildings. They are breaking off from the towering walls of ice that meet the frigid waters of the bay, which ...
Ellesmere Island Location Facts Arctic North America Canada

Ellesmere Island: A lonely And Icy Desert Island

Aloof from the commotion of the world, Ellesmere Island is so remote and in such a harsh setting that it seems purified by the rigours of its climate. Even the air is so pure that the whole landscape - the vast ...
List Of Tallest Statues In The World

Top 5 Tallest Statues In The World: India Is Leading!

The tallest statue in the world represents a country's achievements, identity, and pride. The significance of having the tallest statue in the world is that it helps to promote and encourage people to be proud of their country. This will help ...

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