Mysterious Places

The Fifty Thousand Year Old Lonar Crater Lake Better Than A Science Fiction

The 50000-Year-Old Lonar Crater Lake - Better Than A Science Fiction

A typical family visit mostly means catching up on the lives of all the family members, relatives, neighbours, etc. Don't get me wrong I love it, it's fun but, I cannot do that 24/7 on a holiday that is supposed to ...
Top Haunted Places In Karnataka

Top Haunted Places in Karnataka!

Karnataka is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. With Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore) being the IT hub and the garden city of India, Mysore with its palaces and other attractions, Mangalore with its alluring beaches - there ...
Haunted Historical Monuments In India

Do You Believe In Ghosts? These 6 Haunted Historical Monuments In India Will Make You Believe!!

India is home to countless marvellous monuments that would leave you spellbound with their architectural beauty and charm! Among these striking monuments, some have a grey shade to it which is enough to send chills down your spine! Let's take a ...
Most Haunted Places In West Bengal Aleya Ghost Lights

Aleya Ghost Lights In West Bengal – Ghost Lights That Drowns People !

If you have an appetite for paranormal activities, Aleya ghost lights in West Bengal is definitely going to grab your attention! If you happen to roam in the swamps of Bengal, you might come across a nightmarish display of flickering colourful ...
Haunted Places In Delhi Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli In Delhi - Black Water That Entices People To Commit Suicide!

Delhi is a symbol for India's opulent past and thriving present! The city is a perfect example for the seamless blend of the past and the present with a lot of historic monuments being a part of the daily life Agrasen ...
Lambi Dehar Mines In Mussoorie Travel To The Mine Of Death

Lambi Dehar Mines In Mussoorie - Travel To The Mine Of Death

Mussoorie is a famous hill station located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Being a top notch hill station, Mussoorie is also charted amongst the most haunted places in India, thanks to the blood-curdling mines situated in a valley on the ...
Dumas Beach In Gujarat A Haunted Beach

A Beach Haunted By Ghosts? Dumas Beach In Gujarat

Beaches are a place to de-stress. But not this one! Dumas beach is a haunted beach in Gujarat which creep the hell out of people during nights. Dumas beach in Gujarat is an urban beach located along the Arabian sea in ...
Dow Hill Of Kurseong The Most Haunted Place In India

The Mother Of All Haunted Places - Dow Hill Of Kurseong!

India has many haunted tales in it's stock which would make your blood run cold! All ghost fables would have one particular spot that happens to be the core of all paranormal activities. But it is a different story altogether with ...
Haunted Places In Karnataka Sixty Graves In Bijapur

A Well That Still Echoes 60 Women's Cry; The Haunted Sixty Graves In Bijapur

The sixty graves in Bijapur have a tale of woe to croon! The tale of 60 ladies who were mercilessly pushed in to a well. The well in Bijapur still echoes the woeful cries of 60 hapless ladies who were killed ...
Best Tourist Places In Assam Triangle Tour Via Haflong Mayong Manas

A Nature Triangle Tour In Assam; Touching Haflong , Mayong And Manas

North East part of India is famous for it's exotic locales characterised by luxuriant green cover, a wide and rare variety of flora-fauna and tribal life exclusive to the hill land of North East. Sandwiched between the two valleys of Brahmaputra ...
Haunted Places In Karnataka Somanathahalli In Gulbarga

A Haunted House in a Virtually Abandoned Village – Somanathahalli in Karnataka!

India has a gargantuan acquisition of ghost stories associated with places , but it is always scary when one has to experience it oneself! Otherwise ask the people of Somanathahalli in Gulbarga district of Karnataka. Somanatha halli is one of the ...
Mysterious Temples In India The Mysterious Nidhivan

The Mysterious Nidhivan In Vrindavan - Does Lord Krishna Visit This Place Every Night?

Have you heard of a place where Lord Krishna dances at night with Radha and other Gopis? Nidhivan is one of the most significant, yet mysterious temple in Vrindavan, Lord Krishna's birthplace. Swami Haridas ,a divine saint who was a great ...

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