Places Visit Mandya Things Do How Reach

Your Bucket List For Mandya

P.C- Ashwin Kumar Mandya, a small town, located to the southeast of Karnataka, makes for an unusual tourist spot with its one of a kind religious, cultural and historical ethics. This little town of Mandya, came into existence in the year of ...
Must Visit Lord Vishnu Temples Karnataka

5 Vishnu Temples In Karnataka Where You Can Find Yourself Gratified

PC- Bikashrd Vishnu is one of the major deities in Hinduism and is worshipped across the globe. He is generally known as the protector of the world and forms the Hindu Trinity along with Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. Being one of ...
Lakshminarayana Temple In Hosaholalu Karnataka

Back In Time: Lakshminarayana Temple In Hosaholalu

Have you ever thought how some ancient architectures are so perfect and symmetrical? Today, even with such advanced technologies, it takes years to construct buildings, just imagine how they would have managed in those times? Thanks to their passion,we have so ...
Kokrebellur In Maddur

Bird Watching at Kokrebellur in Maddur

Now a days, 'Live and Let Live' hardly exists between humans and animals. We have encroachedo the territory of animals and have almost driven them out of their space. However, the story of Kokrebellur defies this thought. Here the villagers have ...
Top Waterfalls In South India

A Mesmerising Photo-Tour: 12 Top Waterfalls in South India

Indian movies have a big role in popularising waterfalls! In fact, they have made it so romantic that we would love to pull out a stunt like that. Aishwarya Rai dancing in Athirappilly Falls, Prabhas jumping over waterfalls in Baahubali film, ...
Famous Temples In Mandya

5 Famous Temples in Mandya

Sometimes it is nice to go on a temple tour; just to feel the peace of mind or cater to the inner beliefs. Usually, it is the youngsters who often feel bored in such travels. Fret not, one way to make ...
Weekend Getaways Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Near Mysore

Weekend Getaways : Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Near Mysore

A weekend trip from Bangalore that involves driving through thriving paddy fields, rows of coconut trees and abundant water canals. And reaching a destination that offers much more than it promises, the abode of over 170 bird varieties. If all this ...

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