Chennai To Kanchipuram A Trip To History And Spirituality

Chennai To Kanchipuram – A Trip To History And Spirituality

India is nowhere devoid of history. Think of a place and you will surely get traces of its past. From millennium-old places to age-old arts, one can see the glorious past of India emerging out from every corner of its existence. ...
Ride To Kanchipuram From Bengaluru The Land Of Temples And Silk Sarees

Ride To Kanchipuram From Bengaluru: The Land Of Temples And Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram, or Kanchi, is a town which is well known for its ancient temples and has gained immense fame for its silk sarees that are regarded as one of the best and purest forms of authentic silk sarees. Kanchipuram has a ...
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary In Tamil Nadu

Kingdom of Birds: Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

The world of birds is entirely different and vibrant unlike any other species. One doesn't even have to be an avid bird lover to enjoy it. Just go and silently watch them in their natural habitat to feel the magic. You ...
Most Famous Devi Temples In Tamil Nadu

Navratri Utsav: 3 Most Famous Devi Temples in Tamil Nadu

Goddesses are regarded as the most powerful deities in India. Be it is grama devate (village goddesses), Goddess Durga, Goddess Sharada or Goddess Lakshmi. Each have numerous followers across India. 'Shakti', the feminine power has been given a high status in ...
Kailasanathar Temple In Kanchipuram

Kailasanathar Temple: An Inspiring Trendsetter

Humans have a gift which animals don't; they can not only discover but also improvise. That's how humans have progressed over the years. Wondering why are we talking science here? Well, it is because to know the significance of man's ability ...
Short Weekend Getaways From Chennai

5 Incredible Weekend Getaways From Chennai

Some of us never get out of the house on weekends but sometimes we do need a break from monotonous life. Right?! Usually, it is not easy to travel too far on weekends. It is necessary for us to find the ...
Interesting Things To Know About Kanchipuram

6 Interesting Things To Know About Kanchipuram

The city of Kanchi is well known in Tamil Nadu. It was an ancient city which served as the capital of Pallava dynasty. Here are some interesting things to know about the city Kanchipuram! Kanchipuram, with a number of temples, also ...
Religious Places In India

Sapta Puri Tour: 7 Hindu Religious Places in India

In India there are many places and several temples. Among them, many are also mentioned in the ancient scriptures. Sapta means seven and Puri means place; the seven religious places which are sacred for Hindus in India. According to the holy ...
Weekend Getaways Around Vizag

Weekend Getaways Around Vizag

Vizag also known as Vishakapatnam is a major tourist hub. The second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, it is technically is an industrial city. What invites travellers here are the sandy beaches along its coastline and a couple of hill stations ...
The City Silk Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu

The City of Silk, Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu

The unassuming city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is popular world over for the grand Kanchipuram silk sarees made here. Every South Indian bride's family makes a trip to the city to shop for the occasion. But Kanchipuram has a lot ...

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