Ayyappankovil Kerala Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

Ayyappankovil – A Scenic Village Amid Hills In God’s Own Country

Idukki is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala, and hence it remains crowded with tourists throughout the year. From exploring beautiful valleys to witnessing rich dense forests and savouring luxuriant meadows to scrutinising ancient monuments, there is a lot ...
Anjuruli Kerala Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

Anjuruli In Kerala – An Idyllic Destination For A Peaceful Weekend

PC- bipin Sprawling wonderfully in the lap of the rich Western Ghats, Idukki is a wonderful district in Kerala and is a popular tourist attraction. On account of the presence of trekking trails, camping sites, waterfalls, lakes and forests, it is a ...
Kanthalloor Idukki Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

Kanthalloor – A Small Village Tucked Away In The Heavenly Expanse Of Kerala

PC- Dhruvarahjs Flourishing in the richly diverse expanse of the Western Ghats, Idukki is a beautiful place in Kerala and is generally known as the land of spices. However, there is a lot more to its beauty. It is one of the ...
Vattavada Kerala Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

All About The Vegetable Land Of Vattavada In The Mountains Of Kerala

PC- CHIKKU Probably, Kerala is the only state where you can find hundreds of unexplored and hidden hill stations. In each and every district of this God's Own Country, you can spot places which are far away from commercialisation, and hence make ...
Kumily Kerala Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

We Have Found A Small Hidden Heaven In Kerala For You! Don't Miss It

PC- Pratheesh mishra Eventually, after the destructive flood Kerala is back on the track. Gradually, tourists have started making plans to visit this God's Own Country. So, how about taking up the expedition of exploring an unknown unexplored and hidden spot ...
Kerala Floods Places You Should Avoid Visiting

Kerala Floods: Places You Should Avoid Visiting

It really seems unbelievable when places like Kerala, also known as God's Own Country, become victims of natural disasters. It has been several days since it started raining heavily in Kerala, thereby, inflicting havoc all around the state. The central and ...
Into The Wild At Periyar National Park

Into The Wild At Periyar National Park

PC: Simeen23 Kerala has many wildlife sanctuaries and parks of which the popular ones are Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Sanctuary, Chinnar, and Parambikulam, to name a few. Of these, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the biggest sanctuary in ...
Panchalimedu In Kerala A Small Paradise In The Making

Panchalimedu In Kerala – A Small Paradise In The Making

Whenever we think of summer destinations in India, the hill stations of Kerala certainly strike our minds. On account of their beautiful atmosphere and cool environment throughout the year, these hill stations in Kerala are perfect places to relax and chill ...
Lesser Known Hill Stations In Idukki Kerala

Lesser-known Hill Stations In Idukki, Kerala

Kerala is, unarguably, one of the most beautiful places in the world and hence, it has been nicknamed as God's Own Country. The spectacular views of soothing backwaters reflecting the brilliant sunrays which are filtering through the convincing leaves of palm ...
Eravikulam National Park The Land Of Rich Biodiversity

Eravikulam National Park: The Land Of Rich Biodiversity

Being located in God's Own Country, it is not possible for Eravikulam National Park to not possess the heavenly presence of nature in the form of monumental peaks and diverse wildlife, flora and fauna. Eravikulam National Park is the first of ...
An Enchanting Trek To The Chokramudi Peak In Munnar

An Enchanting Trek To The Chokramudi Peak In Munnar!

Nature's magic is an unfathomable wonder that leaves humans speechless. This magic can be witnessed at Munnar, the place that could very well be a land of fairytales! Situated in the enchanting state of Kerala, Munnar is a breathtaking hill station ...
Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple In Idukki Kerala

Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple In Idukki!

Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple, also known as Mangala Devi Temple, is located on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border at Thekkady in Idukki district of Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Kannagi or Kannaki, who was a legendary woman believed to be synonymous ...

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