Best Places To Observe Holi Celebrations In India

10 Best Places To Observe Holi Celebrations In India

Holi frenzy has begun, and it has arrived with all its fervour and excitement! Moreover, every place has its unique way of celebrating Holi in India! From revelling into the traditional ceremonies to enjoying the latest fun events with bhang and ...
Holi Weekend Places To Visit To Escape The Holi Madness

Holi Weekend : Places To Visit To Escape The Holi Madness

Holi is a colourful and beautiful festival but a noisy one for sure. Many people would prefer a quiet Holi-day, but it is hard to find much-required respite during this popular Hindu festival. Vacationing to a peaceful place is a better ...
Most Colourful Places In India You Must Visit

10 Most Colourful Places In India

India is full of colourful and beautiful places that most of us don't even know about. From Snow-clad mountains and waterfalls to temples and iconic landmarks, you're never short on things to see or do in India. Shortlisting the 10 most ...
Best Places To Celebrate Holi In Karnataka

Best Places To Celebrate Holi In Karnataka

Holi in 2020 falls on 9th & 10th March, which is Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Hence, it is going to be another extended Holi weekend (like in 2019), with 4 days to celebrate the festival of colours. The weekend and Holi-days ...
Seven Places In India To Head To This Holi

7 Places In India To Head To This Holi

A festival that engulfs the entire nation in its hues and makes people forget the trials and turbulences of their everyday life, Holi is the time when people across the country come together to form one large family. Thus, if you ...
Places To Celebrate Holi In India

Best Places To Celebrate Holi 2020 In India With A Bash

P.C: Adam Whitlock Enjoy a concert, join the locals in the streets as they shower each other with vibrantly coloured powders and water, watch the 'Holika Dahan' or soak in the extraordinary experience of witnessing the band of wandering spiritualist minstrels of ...
Offbeat Places To Celebrate Holi In India

Offbeat Places To Celebrate Holi 2019 In India

India is the land of festivals, and the celebrations happening throughout the year accentuate its diverse culture and traditions. Holi is one amongst the most celebrated festivals in India and is also becoming popular in Western countries. Today, Holi is celebrated ...
Splendid Festivals Of North India

5 Splendid Festivals Of North India

Being a melting pot of innumerable traditions, cultures and heritage, India is a joyful country that celebrates so many beautiful festivals every year. While certain festivals like Diwali or Navratri are celebrated throughout the country, some festivals are exclusive or celebrated ...
Barsana Radha Krishnas Abode Of Love

Barsana - Radha-Krishna's Abode Of Love

Barsana Gram is a captivating and divine village located 40 km away from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. It is significant for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna's beloved gopi, Shri Radha. Barsana is also known as Vrishabhanupur and is a popular ...
Colourful Places In India

20 Incredibly Colourful Places in India That'll Blow Your Mind

A travel around some of the most colourful places is a visual treat in India. It is not just Holi that makes India look colourful but there are a number of destinations that're just vibrant. We definitely love to experience such ...
Lathmar Holi In Barsana

Celebrating Lathmar Holi in Barsana

Have you heard of Lathmar Holi played in Barsana town? Yes, it is one of the unique Holi celebrations in India. According to mythology, Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan is where he spent his childhood. It ...
Holi Celebrations India

Celebrating Holi In India

Holi is the one time when all of India bursts out in colour. Undoubtedly the most fun of all Hindu festivals, the occasion is marked by fun, frolic, food and festivities. Though Holi is celebrated across the country with equal mirth ...

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