Eco Hubs Along River Ganga To Come Up In

75 Eco-Hubs Along River Ganga To Come Up In 2022

As the hubs of sustainable economic development & tourism, 75 places along the banks of the Ganga River will be developed this year in 2022. River walks, biodiversity watch, homestays, jungle safaris, village tours, etc will be developed by promoting Site-specific ...
Sakrebailu Elephant Camp Shimoga Timings Ticket Fee Attractions And How To Reach

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp Shimoga Timings, Ticket Fee, Attractions and How to Reach

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp Shimoga is located in Shimoga district, Karnataka. A forested area surrounds the camp with the river Tunga flowing through it. You can visit the camp by all modes of transportation including, Rail, Road, and Airways. It is a unique ...
Best Eco Tourism Destination In Tamil Nadu

Best Eco-Tourism Destination In Tamil Nadu

Eco-tourism is the practice of promoting tourism that conserves natural resources, enhances the environment, and benefits local people. Tourism is an important part of the economy, providing employment and income to many areas. Eco-tourism involves applying ethical guidelines to ensure that ...
World Nature Conservation Day Photo Tour The Best Eco Tour 002259 Pg

A Photo Tour to The Best Eco-Tourism Destinations of India!

India is one of the top eco-tourist destinations in the world. From the backwaters of Kerala to the mountain ranges of Himalayas, there are plenty of reasons to explore nature in India. A visit to the backwaters in Kerala is one ...
Myths Of Ecotourism

Myths of Ecotourism

Nature and Culture are of priority to Ecotourists all over the world. The primary purpose of Ecotourism is to create a more aware and sensitive set of individuals travelling the world. We are familiar with the do's and dont's of being ...
How To Be Good Ecotourist

How to be a Good Ecotourist!

"I'm an ecotourist," a tourist says with a packet of branded potato chips in hand. Ecotourism, sustainable tourism and responsible tourism are some of the many words thrown at travellers by tourism departments and tourist resorts alike. How authentic is ...
India Beckons Ecotourism

India beckons Ecotourism

Tourism in India is a window to the world of poets, painters and writers. From the exuberant colours of the south to the quiet melody of the north; from the tranquil beauty of the east to the celebratory spirit of the ...

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