Ahmedabad To Dwarka To The Atlantis Of The East

Ahmedabad To Dwarka – To The Atlantis Of The East

Being surrounded by exotic beauties, Ahmedabad can also be called the perfect getaway into the beauty of Gujarat. Dwarka is one amongst these beautiful places which are easily accessible from Ahmedabad. Located on the western coast of Gujarat, Dwarka is one ...
Visit These Places To Witness The Grand Celebrations Of Krishna Janmashtmi

Visit These Places To Witness The Grand Celebrations Of Krishna Janmashtmi 2017

India is a land of rich culture and beliefs. Festivals and celebration attached to the beliefs are also a great way to break the monotony of a routine life and indulge in some fun and bonding with family and friends. The ...
Top Eleven Places To Visit In Dwarka

Top 11 Places To Visit in Dwarka

Situated in Gujarat, Dwarka is one of the chaar dhaams, which makes it an important pilgrim place for Hindus. There are many beautiful temples in and around Dwarka and the place is set on the seaside of the Arabian Sea. So, ...
From A Spiritual To A Cultural Concourse Dwarka To Jodhpur

From A Spiritual To A Cultural Concourse – Dwarka To Jodhpur

Dwarka, located in Gujarat, means "gateway to heaven". It is one of the four paramount sacred Hindu pilgrim sites in India. This is said to be the kingdom of Lord Krishna and is deemed to be the first capital of Gujarat. ...
Dwarkadish Temple In Dwarka Gujarat

Visit Dwarkadish Temple In Gujarat – Krishna's City

Dwarkadish Temple is one of the four major pilgrimage sites of Hindus. It is located at Dwarka in Gujarat. The city of Dwarka is regarded as the Gateway to Moksha (salvation). Dwarkadish refers to Lord Krishna, who is regarded as the ...
Bet Dwarka Near Dwarka Gujarat

On an Expedition to Bet Dwarka Near Dwarka!

Offbeat travel gives unique experiences, and you should try it once in a while! Wondering about the ideas? Let us go to the island of Bet Dwarka or Bhent Dwarka near to the coastal city of Dwarka! Yeah, What is so ...
Religious Places In India

Sapta Puri Tour: 7 Hindu Religious Places in India

In India there are many places and several temples. Among them, many are also mentioned in the ancient scriptures. Sapta means seven and Puri means place; the seven religious places which are sacred for Hindus in India. According to the holy ...
Places Visit Dwarka Gujarat

Dwarka, In Reminiscence of the Lost Kingdom of Lord Krishna

The city of Dwarka is a region which was founded to honour the lost kingdom of Dwarka. The original land of Dwarka, which was the abode of Lord Krishna is said to have sunk somewhere in the sea. The present city ...
Char Dham Yatra Proclaiming Charm

Char Dham Yatra – Proclaiming Charm!

The Char Dham Yatra - a journey through Badrinath, Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Puri - proclaims charm like no other! What Mecca is to Islam practitioners, the Char Dham Yatra is to Hindu practitioners. To embark on this incredible journey at least once ...
Best Places Celebrate Janmashtami

Best Places to Celebrate Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami or Krishnashtami is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna. The festival is celebrated throughout India and abroad on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha during the month of Bhadrapada in the Hindu calendar. Devotees of Lord ...

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