Ahmedabad To Daman And Diu Savour The Beauty Of The Portuguese Colony

Ahmedabad To Daman And Diu – Savour The Beauty Of The Portuguese Colony

Bordered by Gujarat and the Arabian Sea, Daman and Diu is a union territory which has been ruled by the Portuguese for over 450 years. These different regions of Daman and Diu are separated by the Gulf of Khambhat and form ...
Extraordinary Things To Do In Diu

Extraordinary Things To Do In Diu

Trip to Goa? Done. Beaches of Andaman? Done. Lakshadweep? Done. Pondering about a beach destination in India to head to after covering most of the famous beaches? Well, wait! India is country which never disappoints its visitors. Close to the southern ...
Budget Destinations For New Year In India

Looking for a splendid New Year celebration that fits in your purse?! Here are 5 budget destinations

New Year is at the door step! Let this year be that cut and shuffle for you to explore the world and people. Let it bring you heaps of bliss and vigour in your life. If you haven't sorted out your ...
Naida Caves In Diu

Around the Mazy Naida Caves in Diu!

Surely, the Portuguese didn't know that the raw material provider for the fort would one day become a tourist place! Wondering what is going on? Well, Naida Caves is not exactly a natural geological formation in Diu! Then what is it? ...
Best Attractions Visit Diu

Away from the traffic melancholy – Let us explore “Diu”

Bored of the cacaphonic life and are you looking out for a life away from people? Well, that may be an impossible thing but escaping into the belly of Diu may do justice to your cluttered thoughts. Diu, an underrated place; ...

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