Key Attractions Of Mysore Dasara

Mysore Dasara: Key Attractions In Mysore

Mysore is truly a spectacle to witness during Dasara. The history of Mysore Dasara goes back to Vijayanagara era, and even to this day, it remains a major crowd puller, attracting people from all walks of life. And because it is ...
All About The World S Tallest Effigy Ravana Haryana

This Dussehra Witness The World's Tallest Effigy Of Ravana In Haryana

PC- Pete Birkinshaw Now, when Dusshera has almost approached, every one seems busy in preparation for this wonderful festival which is celebrated with great zeal and zest. Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is generally celebrated to commemorate the day when Lord ...
Interesting Facts About Mysore Dasara

6 Interesting Facts About Mysore Dasara You Must Know

PC- Abhishek Cumbakonam The most visited tourist place in South India, Mysore is a beautiful city which has in store myriads of spots to visit, explore and savour. Even though Mysore has become a synonym to the Mysore Palace over a ...
Travel Tips For Mysore Dasara

Navratri Utsav – Travel Tips For Mysore Dasara!

For 2016, Dates of Mysore Dasara is scheduled from 2nd October - 11th October Is there a better place to visit than Mysore during the glorious festival of Dussehra? Dussehra is given the stature of a state festival here. The heritage ...
Colourful Places In India

20 Incredibly Colourful Places in India That'll Blow Your Mind

A travel around some of the most colourful places is a visual treat in India. It is not just Holi that makes India look colourful but there are a number of destinations that're just vibrant. We definitely love to experience such ...
Dusshera Kullu Valley

Dusshera Festival in Kullu

Dusshera festival is celebrated differently in various parts of India. Dusshera or Dasara is a grand festival in most parts of our country. Dusshera in Kullu is a gala affair, unlike other places, the festival starts on the 10th day (on ...
Navratri Celebrations Sights India 000913 Pg

The Incredible Sights of India – Navratri Celebrations

It sure is a great time to be in India, between the months of August to December the country celebrates one major festival after another. Shops are buzzing with activity as people rush to buy new clothes, sweets and other items. ...
Mysore Prepares Dasara 2014 000902 Pg

Mysore Dasara 2014 Festivities Begin

The entire nation's attention turns to the charming city of Mysore as it prepares for the grandest gala of the year, the Dasara festival. Celebrating the ten day festival of Navaratri, Dasara in Mysore is a tradition that has been followed ...
Alluring Temples Mangalore

Alluring Temples of Mangalore!

Mangalore, the chief port city of Karnataka also boasts some of the most alluring temples in the state. The culture, history and mention of Mangalore in several scriptures attract several tourists round the year. It is said that Mangalore was ruled ...
Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata

Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

Kolkata is a city which is known for its heritage and rich culture, along with its spectacular attractions in the form of forts, parks, museums and temples. Apart from that the spirited people of Kolkata are known to celebrate the festival ...
Vijayadashami In Maharashtra

Vijayadashami in Maharashtra

Dussehra or Vijayadashami is a significant Hindu festival which is gloriously celebrated throughout India as well as its surrounding countries. It is known as Dashain in Nepal and one of the largest festival of Bangladesh. In India it is celebrated across ...
Best Staying Options In Mangalore Dasara Festival

Best Staying Options in Mangalore During Dasara Festival

Mangalore, one of the chief ports of Karnataka attracts many with its sublime beaches and local leisure sites making it a splendid vacation for travellers nearby and far. Not only the colourful exhibitions and exaggerated processions of Navratri are waiting for ...

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