Have You Visited These Famous And Stunning Forts Of Karnataka Yet

Have You Visited These Famous And Stunning Forts Of Karnataka Yet?

Karnataka is a state with extremely rich heritage. The state has been ruled by fantastic dynasties such as the Chalukya, Maurya, Kadamba, Hoysala, Vijayanagara, and the list goes on. All these empires have left behind their relics in the form of ...
Places To Visit In Chitradurga

5 Places To Visit In Chitradurga

Chitradurga, a picturesque place surrounded by rocky boulders, originally was known as Chitrakaldurga. This place has stood the test of time and is known for its umbrella-shaped fort. Chitradurga is at a distance of 200 km from Bangalore and is located ...
Temples Where Lord Vishnu Is Worshipped The Form Of Tortoise

3 Temples Where Lord Vishnu is Worshipped in the Form of Tortoise

Hindu mythology is filled with fascinating tales of Gods and their incarnations. Gods transforming into animals is a common thing in Hindu mythologies. Similarly, Lord Vishnu has many avatars and one among the many is that of a tortoise. Yes, Kurma ...
Miraculous Places In India

Miraculous Places in India That'll Give Bizarre Thoughts

Do you believe in miracles? If so, then what does it really mean for you? We are sure you are already thinking! Actually it doesn't matter whether you believe or not but when it happens your perspectives do change. Take a ...
The Pre Historic Chandravalli Cave Temple Chitradurga

The Pre-historic Chandravalli Cave Temple in Chitradurga

Chandravalli is a pre-historic site near Chitradurga in Karnataka. The temple here is semi-lunar in shape, and is around 3km from Chitradurga. This area is a valley that is formed by three hills namely Chitradurga, Cholagudda and Kirabanakallu. Excavations reveal that ...
February Holiday Destinations In South India

February Holiday Destinations in South India

February is the month of love! Many will be in the Valentine's day mood; atleast the week preceding the day will be filled with festive spirits. Many also love to travel and go on romantic getaways. These February destinations will help ...
Famous Dams Karnataka

7 Famous Dams in Karnataka

Hill stations, beaches, temples, etc. are the usual choices for tourism. The reservoirs and backwaters are also interesting to visit. These famous dams offer an offbeat travel option for tourists in Karnataka. While you visit a popular place, tag along the ...

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