Daily Covid Cases In China Have Risen To Their Highest Level Since The Pandemic Began In 2020 Know

Daily Covid cases in China have risen to their highest level since the pandemic began in 2020. Know complete d

On Wednesday, China reported 31,454 local cases, 27,517 of which were asymptomatic, marking the country's highest daily case count since the pandemic's beginning. The most recent findings surpass the 29,390 infections that were noted in mid-April when the megacity of Shanghai ...
The Reed Flute Cave Guilin China Location Formation History Facts How To Reach When To Visi

The Reed Flute Cave: Well-Known Tourist Attraction in Guilin, China

One of southern China's, and Guilin's most well-known attractions for more than 1200 years is the Reed Flute Cave, a natural cave that was sculpted out of karst limestone peaks over millions of years. The lush reeds that grow outside and ...
World S Highest Railway Line Qinghai Tibet Railway Roof Of The World Express Location History Facts

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway : Roof Of The World Express

Jan Reurink The world's highest railway line, the 'Roof of the World Express' was opened in 2006. It runs for 1,142 km (710 mi) between Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and Xining in China, crossing the Tibetan Plateau more than 5 ...
Tian Shan Heavenly Mountains Location Facts History China Asia

Tian Shan – Heavenly Mountains

Violas (Pansies) of every hue - from yellow, white and deep purple to blue - lured an English wanderer, Charles Howard-Bury, after he had strolled up through the woodland to the alpine fields of the Heavenly Mountains (Tien Shan Mountains) in ...
Taipei Location Facts History When To Visit Highlights Taiwan Republic Of China Asia

Taipei: A Shutterbug's Paradise

Originally a tiny townlet, Taipei grew into a significant hub for the export of tea in the 20th century consequently its economic prominence across the globe. When Japan seized and took control of the island in 1884, the city developed quickly ...
Lunan Stone Forest Location Facts History China

Lunan Stone Forest: China's Prime Attraction

Rhododendrons and camellias grow wild to profusion in the subtropical climate of China's south-western Yunnan province Kunming, the capital, is known as the City of Eternal Spring, and the area is a treasure house of plants and trees. But the forest ...
List Of Amazing Facts About The Gobi Desert

Unbelievable Facts About Gobi Desert Like Gobi Desert Has Only 5% Sand and It Snows There, Read on!

The Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia is well-known for being one of the world's most distinctive ecosystems and best-kept secrets. The area is well-known for its unusual natural formations, numerous locations with authentic dinosaur fossils, and a variety of indigenous plants ...
Mount Kailash Kora Location History Facts When To Visit How To Reach Tibet China

Mount Kailash Kora: Sacred Centre Of The World

A massive peak, more than 6,600 m(21,700 ft) high in the remote Gangdise Shan mountain range. Kailash is not only revered in the Shamanistic Bon religion of Tibet but equally among Buddhists, Hindus and Jains. It is believed to be the ...
List Of 7 Wonders Of The New World

List Of 7 Wonders Of The New World

The New 7 Wonders Foundation (N7W), a company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, decided to start a campaign to name the New 7 Wonders in 2000, which led to the creation of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It made ...
Tiger Leaping Gorge Location Facts History When To Visit How To Reach Jinsha River China Winter Vaca

Epic Winter Vacation In China: Tiger Leaping Gorge

Where the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween Rivers rush side-by-side out of Tibet and south along China's border with Burma, the towering ridge of Yukong Xueshan (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain) forces the Yangtze into an abrupt change of direction known as The ...
Shanghai Location Facts History When To Visit How To Reach China

Shanghai: Mainland China At Its Best

The most extensive industrial city in China, Shanghai nestles by the river mouth of the Yangtze. It is a captivating, frantic city in which the finest of conventional and modern China blend. The iconic skyline of Pudong, the world-class cuisine and ...
Fastest High Speed Trains In The World

Fastest High-speed Trains in the World

Ever thought what can be the speed of the World's Fastest High- speed train? Ever imagined how it will feel to sit on a train with a speed of 374 miles per hour? What if a journey that requires hours can ...

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