List Of World S Most Beautiful Mountain Towns

List of World's Most Beautiful Mountain Towns

The world's most beautiful mountain towns are a paradise for those who still love to visit something offbeat but unique, where most of the villages in these areas have been preserved and maintained as they were centuries ago. The views of ...
Ellesmere Island Location Facts Arctic North America Canada

Ellesmere Island: A lonely And Icy Desert Island

Aloof from the commotion of the world, Ellesmere Island is so remote and in such a harsh setting that it seems purified by the rigours of its climate. Even the air is so pure that the whole landscape - the vast ...
West Brook Pond Location Facts Newfoundland Canada

West Brook Pond: A Shimmering Waterway

To the eye of the osprey (a large fish-eating hawk) soaring overhead, Western Brook Pond looks like a shimmering jewel dropped by a giant hand. The jewel's landing place is the bottom of a 2000ft (600m) deep canyon, cut into the ...
Canada Has Decided To Reintroduce Mandatory Random Covid 19 Testing At Four Major Canadian Airports

Canada Has Decided To Reintroduce Mandatory Random COVID-19 Testing At Four Major Canadian Airports

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has decided to reintroduce mandatory random COVID-19 testing for passengers arriving at Canadian airports. This will be enforced from 19 July 2019. The new requirement will be implemented through a passenger screening process aimed ...

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