Badami Attractions Things To Do And How To Reach

Here’s Why Badami In Karnataka Needs To Be Next On Your Travel List!

PC: Sanyam Bahga When it is Badami we are talking about, it is present in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It is quite famous for its perfectly shaped rock temples. Along with the enchanting Badami Cave temples, the Badami Fort can ...
Hyderabad Badami Travel Guide Attractions How Reach

Hyderabad To Badami – Get Lost In A Beautiful World Of Rock-cut Temples

PC- Jmadhu The ancient capital of the Chalukya dynasty, Badami is a historical town in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka and is immensely popular amongst history enthusiasts and architecture lovers. It is one of the few places in India where you can ...
Topmost Instances Of Rock Cut Monuments Which Are Unparalleled

Topmost Instances Of Rock-cut Monuments Which Are Unparalleled

Undoubtedly, India is one of the oldest living countries in the world and hence, is a mine of wonders. Today, it is also one of the most-visited places in the world not only on account of its rich culture and traditions ...
Visit These Oldest Temples In Karnataka To Fathom Their Incredible Beauty

Visit These Oldest Temples In Karnataka To Fathom Their Incredible Beauty

India is the land of proud history and the ancient temples, which are still standing strong depicting their endurance and beauty, are certainly testaments to it. Each and every state of India boasts of old buildings in the form of forts, ...
Complete Guide To The Heritage Of Bagalkot In Karnataka

Complete Guide To The Heritage Of Bagalkot In Karnataka

The district of Bagalkot plays a vital role in the history of Karnataka. The royal Chalukya dyansty ruled in most parts of modern Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra; therefore, their presence can be witnessed in the form of the relics they've built. ...
Best And Quickest Road Trips From Hyderabad

7 Best And Quickest Road Trips From Hyderabad

Road trips are the perfect way to break the routine monotony. A road trip with a group of best friends, family or loved ones is the therapy we all need once in a while. The time spent on road trips brings ...
Have You Visited These Famous And Stunning Forts Of Karnataka Yet

Have You Visited These Famous And Stunning Forts Of Karnataka Yet?

Karnataka is a state with extremely rich heritage. The state has been ruled by fantastic dynasties such as the Chalukya, Maurya, Kadamba, Hoysala, Vijayanagara, and the list goes on. All these empires have left behind their relics in the form of ...
Get To Know More On Mahakuta Group Of Temples

Get To Know More On Mahakuta Group Of Temples

Mahakuta in translation means the great group. Located at a distance of about 15 km from Badami and 10 km from Pattadakal, Mahakuta is a group of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temples here, dates back to the 6th or ...
Get Know The Historic Town Badami

Get To Know The Historic Town Of Badami

Badami is a small town that is situated in Bagalkot District of Karnataka state. The town was once the royal capital of the Chalukya Dynasty and is a place filled with various temples, monuments and cultural heritage. The town is covered ...
Bhutanatha Temples In Badami

Tranquil Vistas of Bhutanatha Temples in Badami

The land of Badami Chalukhyas mesmerises us to the core in Karnataka. The architectural legacies left behind by the Badami Chalukhya and Kalyani Chalukhya dynasties depicts a time of immense talent and passion for the temple architectures. The sprawling heritage complex ...
Places Visit Badami

Badami – A Mesmerising Journey

Have you ever came out of a railway station and found a bunch of monkeys in the platform right by you acting as if they are travel guides welcoming you to a new place? Welcome to Badami, a small village in ...

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