The Breadknife Location Facts History Australia

The Breadknife: Australia's Prime Attraction

A narrow blade of rock stabs the clear air of the Warrumbungles - a range of mountains in New South Wales. Aptly called the Breadknife, it reaches skywards to a height of 300ft (90m), yet its summit is only about 3ft ...
The Matterhorn Location Facts History Switzerland Italy

The Matterhorn: The Race To The Summit

Towering in magnificent isolation above its Alpine surroundings, the Matterhorn is celebrated for its horn - a slightly bent pyramidal peak. It straddles the Swiss-Italian frontier, and in English and German is known as the Matterhorn, in Italian as Monte Cervine ...
Mount Etna Location Facts History Europe Italy

Mount Etna: Battlefield Of The Giants

On the east coast of Sicily lie three massive rocks, lapped by waves. Known as the Scogli Dei Ciclopi, they are of volcanic origin and quite unlike other rocks along the shore. These identical boulders, it is said, were hurled by ...
Ritten Earth Pillars Location Facts History Italy

Ritten Earth Pillars: When Nature Is The Artist

The ridged and pitted pillars taper upwards from a broad base. Some are short and stumpy, and others soar upwards and slim out into long thin necks. The tallest reach 130ft (40m) in height, and pillars of any height can support ...
Geysir And Strokkur Location Facts History Iceland

Geysir And Strokkur: Iceland's Prime Attraction

Water seething and exploding in a boiling basin, followed by a jet of chalk-white spray shooting up to the height of a five-storey house - a magnificent sight that continues for seven or eight minutes before subsiding. Then, suddenly, a column ...
Everglades Location Facts History Florida Usa

Everglades: The Devil's Garden

An anonymous writer has described Florida's Everglades as "If the devil ever raised a garden, the Everglades was it", and "one of the unique regions of the earth, remote, never wholly known", the writer tells of 'their vast glittering openness... the ...
Colca Canyon Location Facts History Andes Peru South America

Colca Canyon - World's Deepest Gorge

High in the Peruvian Andes lies Colca Canyon, described in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's deepest gorge. Yet few people have even heard of it. And despite its status as a world record holder, and its stunning granduer, ...
Phang Nga Bay Location Facts Thailand

Phang Nga Bay: James Bond Island

Strangely shaped limestone isles ascend from the clear, green water of a forest-fringed bay in Thailand Shimmering heat daze blankets the tree-lined shores of Phang Nga Bay in southern Thailand, where the clear waters of the Andaman Sea shimmer green under ...
Kata Tjuta Location Facts History Australia

Kata-Tjuta: The World's Strangest Mountain

Heat haze shimmering on the vast, sandy plains of Australia's Northern Territory can make the first sight of Kata Tjuta seem like a mirage. The 36 rock domes rise sheer from the ground and form a circular cluster. Ernest Giles, an ...
Hamersley Range Location Facts Western Australia

Hamersley Range: 2500 Million Year Old Ravine

Terrifyingly steep-side gorges slice through the barren hills and plateaus of the Hamersley Range in Western Australia. Three of the most spectacular of the 20 major gorges are the crevice-like Hancock, Joffre and Weano Gorges, which converge and join the equally ...
Pinnacles Desert Location Facts Australia

Pinnacles Desert: Planet Earth's Crowning Relic

Nothing but the sighing and moaning of the world breaks the eerie silence of the Pinnacles Desert. Any science-fiction writer seeking a setting for a spine-chiller needs to look no further than this alien spot not far from the coast of ...
Glacier Bay Location Facts History Alaska Usa

Glacier Bay: The Decaying Mountain Range

Every summer's day in Glacier Bay resounds to the crash and splash of falling masses of ice, some the size of buildings. They are breaking off from the towering walls of ice that meet the frigid waters of the bay, which ...

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