Marine Forts In Maharashtra

Top 4 Marine Forts in Maharashtra

One curiosity will always be there around certain old structures; without any modern technologies, how did they even build such massive buildings? The tales of these marine forts are similarly mysterious and interesting in Maharashtra. Most of them remain in a ...
Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

10 One Day Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

Mumbai is the most populous city in India. People in most urban centres like Mumbai have a hectic lifestyle and they often love a weekend break. Mumbai being a tourist attraction itself, is often crowded. It is difficult to spend a ...
Picnic Spots And Around Mumbai

Travel to the 5 Picnic Spots In and Around Mumbai

With today's stressful work lives, all of us have a need to unwind and relax when we get the opportunity. There is nothing like heading out for a picnic with your family. It lets you unwind and spend some quality fun ...
Top Places Visit Western India June 000578 Pg

Top Places to Visit in Western India in June

Is the monsoon dampening your vacation plans? Not sure where to head to in this season? Well here are a few places in Western India where one can head to this June. One can head to the coastal regions like Alibag, ...
Mumbai Getaways 000561 Pg

Mumbai Getaways

Searching for a place to go this weekend? Want to escape from the noise and crazyness of Mumbai? Well there are many a places one can go to for the weekend and relax. Mumbai is surrounded by places to getaway from ...
Charming Monsoon Spots Maharashtra

Charming Monsoon Spots of Maharashtra

As a tropical country, India is known for its rain-filled monsoons which make the atmosphere more enticing to all the nature lovers. Along with states like Kerala and Karnataka in the south, along with Himachal Pradesh and Assam in the north, ...

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